How I Gained Wisdom From A Generation We Know As “Millennials”

Wisdom Milennials

You just never know when a life lesson will cross your path; the teacher just might catch you off guard!

While doing a little research today trying to find magazines and websites accepting content submissions, I came across I am in the beginning stages of launching a freelance writing service, while continuing to get my writing more visible. Little did I know when I started all the knowledge and wisdom I would leave with. The fact it was provided by a member of a generation we know as “The Millennials” was eye opening!

TheTalko is a Lifestyle and Entertainment online magazine. In the Lifestyle category, I came across an article, “15 Things Only Millenials Will Understand”, written by Aya Tsintziras. Aya has her own “Health & Wellness” type website and is also a Freelance Writer.

I encourage you to take some time to visit her site, it is really quite impressive.

Image by Tomato Jack Arts, Licensed for Reuse

Image by Tomato Jack Arts, Licensed for Reuse

I began browsing categories and articles (many explaining 15 Reasons, Things, Facts, etc_____________).  A particular piece grabbed my attention because apparently, there are some things in life that only “Millennials Will Understand.”

Immediately, I wanted to read it. I have three Millennials of my own. I honestly did think maybe this author could tell me a thing or two. You know, little details I may have missed during the child rearing process.

After reading the first Sub-Heading and before noticing the writer’s information, it became extremely clear. This articles of 15 life facts, was without a doubt, written by a Millennial. I literally Laughed Out Loud as I read each statement and reason. Please understand, the LOL came strictly from having lived through a time in life I may have related to most of the points.

Please let me make myself clear before I move on.

Now, before I proceed, I should need to make something clear. I am in NO WAY discrediting the author and her feelings and opinions! Everyone is entitled to their own no matter how old or how young. Putting them on I “paper” is what we as writers do, hoping other might relate.

I have become more open-minded over the course of my life. Striving to seek the ability to see both sides of the story, I strive everyday to improve and gain further wisdom.

Out of the mouths (or through the pens) of “Babes”.

The wording and explanations of each and everyone of the 15 things only those Millennials will “get” almost made my jaw drop. The way this young writer views life right now, falls right into the content of an article I wrote a couple month ago. The piece is titled: Changes In Reflections On Life: A Short Story for State Of Liberation Entertainment and Lifestyle Magazine.

For those of you who are on board with me already (and even if you are not) I encourage you to visit the article to see if you agree. I would be extremely interested to hear back from you whether you get it or you don’t. Use the “Comments” section below and let’s talk about the Meaning Of Life!

For our readers who qualify as a Millennial, I am very curious your thoughts as well!

A definite thought on behalf of our youth.

A thought occurred to me, there is a possibility those of us who are not Millennials, may make a statement or try to explain something and it is taken as a negative. There is an excerpt near the beginning of the piece, which supports my opinion. Aya clearly and definitely expressed how she views comments on Social Media and directly. She states the following:

“It’s really no secret that millennials are totally and completely misunderstood. No one really seems to know exactly what we’re like, what we want, and what we’re dreaming of. This can be a really frustrating experience and sometimes it can even be downright insulting. We have to see all kinds of articles all over social media and the internet that are basically enough to make us want to stop looking online altogether. Seriously, it’s crazy what people say about us. It’s definitely time for us to set the record straight and say what us millennials have known all along: we’re not as bad as everyone seems to think that we are…” – Aya Tsintziras,

Just some food for thought from one member of the “Older Gen”

Some of the perceptions expressed in the excerpt are valid and I can understand how they have surfaced.

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Boy Oh Boy… I am really struggling not to date myself, as I just celebrated my 51st Birthday the beginning of December. Until this point in the article, I have embraced entering the 50 Something Sisterhood! I now am feeling as though I have turned into my Mother, LOL.

Most of us who have been through this stage in life, don’t believe you are ALL bad. With any situation life may throw your way, some human beings are not so open-minded. Many times this personality trait comes with a lack of tactfulness and couth. Then there are those who just say it as they see it, not meaning any insult or injury. I know my last sentence to be a fact, my significant other has NO filters in the journey from the brain to the mouth. He means no harm and is one of the most open-minded souls I know.

Life is a matter of perceptions everywhere you go.

To all the Millennials, let’s face it, parents and those more experienced in life tend to offer a lot of advice. It is not meant to be perceived as a put-down or insult.

Image by

Image by

See, we too, are learning as our lives progress and possess this burning desire to pass along our knowledge to you.

We do this because we care and want to share our knowledge, with the chance it may make things a little easier on you.

What we sometimes forget is that the “Twenty-Somethings” are full of ambition, passion and drive. All those bottled up inside ready to be channeled somewhere. What an exciting time!

I will give it my best effort to climb out of my advice giving mode I have morphed into.

Basically, especially on Social Media, people are always going to use a platform, if given own to let their voice be heard.

Just as I am right now and the author of the article did. We all do it everyday.

Frankly, I am thankful I have an avenue to use. What everyone doesn’t always do, is allow others to voice theirs equally.

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Thank goodness Social Media has “Preference” settings.

Pick and choose when surfing on Social Media and don’t put all individuals under one canopy. It’s a lesson in being open-minded and accepting we all are entitled to our own opinions.

I suggest striving to listen to others. Don’t force your opinion when they disagree.

The world continues to thirst for more understanding and respect. Which in no way means crossing over or changing morals or beliefs.

Millennials are our future, it’s never too early to start making a change.

I will have to agree with the Millennials who “understand” and agree with this story’s facts. Although, I (and probably many other parents or non-parents) do understand many of you feel as the article states, we have been through those years ourselves and DO understand those under the age of 30 have the exact same feelings as you.

What WE understand that can not be told, taught or explained at this age is years will go on, you will grow and mature, experiencing life’s adventures. Then one day it will come to you, those feelings have all rearranged and priorities may have all changed.

Don’t ask me where or how, or exactly the day it will happen.

It will when the time is right.

Closing thoughts and ideas from a Millennial Mom.

During this journey in life, Millennials have the window of opportunity to set big goals. Achieving many and not a success with others. When you have the drive to be daring and carefree.

Basically, when you enjoyed and lived life thinking and feeling you are going to conquer the world.

Now is the time, so do it!

However, while doing so, remember not to take everything negative. Life is so much more fun if you can try to find even one little positive in every situation. Focus on that!

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What we didn’t understand while raising you Millenials (some haven’t realized it yet) is that there is no way to explain this complicated thing we call “Life”.

Quite frankly, why should there be? How much fun does that sound?

Kudos to the author, Aya Tsintziras, for catching the attention of a reader.

So here is what I have to say about the 15 things only you will understand.

Good for you, go for it. Live life to the fullest, being smart, of course!

That is what the “now” is for. We parents have our stories, our adventures, accomplishments and disappointments. The lesson we have learned while making these memories are no different than our parents and their parents before. The world and what it offered is the only thing that has changed.

Well, written and good for you for using that “Writer’s Voice”. Don’t ever let anyone take that away and begin guiding your pen. Keep a Portfolio through your writing adventures. One day in about 15+ years, go back and look at all the lessons you’ve learned.

Aya, your website looks awesome, you now have one more follower to add to your traffic. I welcome your comments and thoughts below. I also invite you to visit me at mine, look around and see what you think. You and anyone else can find me at

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