12 Real Life Examples of Urban Design

Urban Design

Architects and designers have joined together to make some of the coolest and space savvy designs for utilization and decoration at the same time. Below are some of really unique ideas.

The Public Bench Which Is Also a Flower Bed

This bench-cum-flowerbed takes less space and can be used by the people as a bench. It beautifies the area with flowerbed neatly built with small compartments and curvy wood design to give it a chic look.

The Eco-Friendly Wi-Fi Hotspot

Designers have built this wifi hotspot where people can charge their devices, use wifi and inhale fresh air at the same time. The tree shaped design makes it unique.

These types of architectural designs are extremely important to minimize the devastating effects of deforestation for construction and expansion of cities.

Eco Friendly Wifi Hotspot

© Mathieu Lehanneur

The Reflective Garden Fence

This genius idea for a garden fence is truly appreciable. The fence is made of material with high reflective index which causes it to camouflage with the surroundings.

It reflects the image of surrounding area as scenery, making it look like a wallpaper.

The Glow-in-the-Dark Bike Path in This Park

This glowing path is inspired by a painting by Van Gogh named “Starry night”. This path is known as Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path and it is located near Eindhoven, the Dutch city of light.

This 600 km long path is developed by artist Daan Roosegaarde with hundreds of tiny twinkling stones that are charged with daylight. The artist embedded the stones in specific sequence to display the fragments of “Starry night”.

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Bike Path Glow In The Dark

The Pubic Bench Which You Can Turn Over After It Rains and Sit on the Dry Underside

Its rainy outside and all the benches are soaked wet. Its very likely that you won’t be able to sit anywhere outside after a night storm but this south Korean designer has introduced reversible benches that can be flipped upside down.

The wet part goes down and the dry part comes up making it possible for anyone to use them after rain and enjoy the “after rain” atmosphere.

The Rolling Bench

These Designs for a Bench, Staircase Ramp and Rain Shelter

IBM has started a smart advertising campaign by making a bench, shelter and ramp with the same advertising board.

Just a little bit bending of the flat steel board has made it useful and admirable at the same time.

Ramp Advertising Board

The Bench Which Is Also a Table

This idea has been roaming around in different forms since few years but it has been adopted for public benches for the first time.

Not only can you sit on these benches but can also put your belongings on the table instead of having to put them on your lap.

Bench And Laptop Table

The Fold-Out Chairs Which Look Like Tulips

We all have day dreamed about nestling into a tulip as part of the childhood fairytale fantasy, but this dream is actually about to come true for the adults of Toronto where these chairs have been installed.

The chairs have a folded design for back support and comfortable sitting. Also they take much less space than conventional benches.

Foldable Outside Chair

And the Alternatives to Benches — Public Hammocks!

These alternative sitting arrangements have been made for the public to give them extra comfort and luxury within minimum budget.

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Anyone can lie in these comfortable Hammocks to relax after a tiring day or to enjoy the sunny weather while reading a book. Did you know that they can also be made into swings?

Public Hammock And Swin


The Bus Stop With Swings

These bus stop swings have been designed to accompany you while waiting for the bus to arrive. Indeed waiting is the most daunting task, especially for the moms with hyperactive children. These swings will make sure to keep your kids engaged until the bus arrives.

Bus Stop Swin

These Free Public Battery Chargers for Smart Phones

In today’s fast paced world people don’t have time to charge their smart phones while they need to use them all the time.

Its really frustrating to wait to get home to finally charge your phone or to look around everywhere to find a socket near your workplace.

Finally, you can charge your smart phone without any worries while sipping coffee after work or during break time at this cost free charging station.

Solar Powered Charging Station

Two Uses in One: It’s Both a Bench and a Tree Guard

Bench With Tree Guard

This tree guard not only protects the tree but also offers you a place to sit under the shade.

These kind of designs are a must have for every place which maximize the usage by serving various purpose at the same time.

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