The Ultimate 2nd Debate Duet Between Hillary and Trump, the Best Virals on the Internet

Second Presidential Debate Memes

The second presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump was like a volcano eruption taking place. Both the candidates attacked each other like a serpent ready to melt the other with their poisonous words.

While rest of the world watched in horror as both of them burned each other with acidic attacks over the Trump tapes, Clinton emails, tax, Syria and Obama care issue, some found the opportunity to create memes out of this event. At we like to make fun of things, so today we’re showing you a compilation of the best virals posted on this special ocasion.

A fortunate photographer took a photograph in which both the nominees appear to be singing a duet.

The photo instantly went viral all over the internet with twitter users bombarding the image with their hilarious comments and the Internet did what it does best.

It was like the most awaited showdown to begin and internet users did not wait long to react to the photos and even to the video of the two oozing out the acid. Nobody could have imagined romance in presidential debates but here it is thanks to the troll makers.

The candidates roaming on the stage with those expressions along with their microphones forced the “memeiers” to imagine an alternate scenario of romance where both the candidates are serenading each other.

The twitter users captioned the pictures with best of the songs including “The Time of my Life,” “Work” by Drake & Rihanna, and “One Day More” from Les Miserables, duets from Frozen, Grease and – probably the most hilarious – Dirty Dancing.

There is a range of fun filled meme pictures, video and other stuff to satisfy your hunger for humor. First let’s have a look at all those tweets over this picture.

Baby Don’t Go Breaking My Heart…

Need a Jacket My Love?


Love Is in the Air

Pebbles in the Stream Though

Picture That?

Old Is Gold

You May Catch Me Starin’

Solid Romance Aye?


I Just Lived Until Today
No, we’re not done yet. Make tea or grab popcorn if you want to because it’s getting stingier now. Now that you’ve seen the Clinton-Trump couple showing affection to each other from one angle lets view that from different angles through the eyes of twitter. =p

What About Spaghetti?


It’s an Electric Shock

Baby Its Old

While some of them saw romance in there, others imagined the opposite scenario. Well, there can be no bounds to imagination.

Yes We Can

Don’t Yaa..

We saw some of the best tweets. There is lot more out there of course.

Let Us Have a Look at the Gifs Now. Shall We?

Let the Round Begin

Drama Is Fun… Where Is My Popcorn?

Horrible Crap!

Twitter absolutely adored rising up the issue of Trump’s behavior towards women.

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Well No Wonder if He Was Born Without a Mother..

Lets Play!

The Theatre Started to Get Serious When Trump Told Hilary That She Will Be Going to Jail for Email Scandal.

Sorry to Hear That..

Many Seemed Embarrassed by the Childish Behavior of the Candidates

Lol Island in the Stream

Wack That Fly!

Let Me Have the Last Word

Hahahahaha.. Oh

We Are With You

That Jerry Springer Though

The Show Started Getting Even Funnier When Trump Claimed Himself to Be a Gentleman.

Million Dollar Joke

Calling 911

Some Inevitably Felt That Trump Was Being a Bully..

Proximity Pleasure

Mom Look a Monster!

And Who Could Ignore Those Dragon Like Sniffs Which Also Had the Privilege of Being Part of the Headlines.

Who Needs a ‘Fan?’


And disguising the desire to ban Muslim immigration as “extreme vetting” as well as the precious reviews regarding foreign policy for Russia and Syria was worth a few memes too.

Race Vetting

Political Synonymism

As Expected

Get Ready for some ultimate fun now because we are going to present a video. No, it’s not just a video, it’s something more than that. It’s going to be a hard laugh. Some guys behind the dutch tv show “Lucky Tv” remixed the footage of debate with the track “Time of my life” by Patrick Swayze, star of “Dirty Dancing

Dancing to the Tune of “Time of My Life”

Thanks to one perfect viral video, we can set aside the scandals, ignore the accusations and even forget about the issues momentarily and have the time of our lives as Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton stop fighting and start serenading each other.

This hilarious clip is just what this country needs and just what it asked for on debate night.

While the presidential hopefuls faced off at Washington University on Sunday, viewers couldn’t help but notice that they held their mics like karaoke masters in the Town Hall forum.

The Internet Is Full of Different Memes. This Is a Divorced Parent Meme of the Nominees. Grandpa Is Always a Better Option.


And While Everyone Is Focused on the Debate, Some Seem to Have Visualized the Future as Well. Let’s Take a Look at This Prophecy Video. 😀


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And Oh Who Could’ve Imagined That They Danced So Well.


Did you hear something about Hillary’s Snapchat attack? Hilary was the first with organizing an ad attack on Trump which was posted to his newsfeed on Thursday.

This allowed the users to put faces of different presidents over Trump’s face. I call that intelligent marketing 🙂

Facebook Did Not Remain Behind in This Meme War and Humorists From Around the Globe Ganged Up to Produce Some Best Content.

This or that? You would rather kill yourself over it… wont you?


WARNING:Make sure you are not eating or drinking anything while watching it.

The Hilary Hulk Is Back With All That Meaty Green Look. Trump as You Know Is a Gentleman……. Is Suited in a Three Piece.

Please Kill Me

Well Sounds Like Baby Needs Candy


Who Knew They Have Got Super Powers Too 0_o

Donald Trump Dragon Fire Hillary Clinton

© reddit

Doesn’t He Look Like a Super Potato?

Ever imagined this? #hilarytrumpcombo

Here you go have a look at gentlewoman…

And then we always have back of Youtube.

This Video Shows Hilary & Trump Debate With Snapchat Filters. Funny

Hilary Clinton has confirmed her title as a savvy social media user and saucy political rival by attacking Trump’s highly valued possession, his twitter account.

Trump Hillary Snapchat 1

Trump Hillary Snapchat 2

Trump Hillary Snapchat 0

The Ever Known Democratic Nominee Used a Popular Meme to Oppose Trump’s Attack on Obama Endorsing Her.

After Congratulating Hilary on Making History, Trump Posted on His Popular Account That Has Almost 9 Million Followers.

Vindictive Hilary Replied Within 5 Minutes Using a Popular Internet Meme

Two Hours Later, Trump Rose on the Twitter Horizon Loaded With the Weapon of Stingy Words Which He Had Come Up With During This Time Asking How Many of Her Staff Members Helped Her in the Process. He Brought Up the Email Controversy in the Light Too.

Her Tweet in Response Got Re-Tweeted Ten Times as Much as Trump’s Tweet but Caused Agitation for Those Who Feared Where The USA Was Heading To?

Trump Again Hit on Hilary Late on Thursday After Obama Released a Video in Which He Said

I don’t think there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office.” He continued saying “I want those of you who’ve been with me from the beginning of this incredible journey to be the first to know that I’m with her.

While rest of the debate was just plain boring filled with hatred, aggression, racism and venomous words. Internet trolls and memes have transformed it into a wonderful piece of amusement.

Trump Remark About Taxes

Voters were quick to poke fun at him for this, his sniffling issues and the bizarre and creepy stance he took behind Clinton. They mocked him for appearing to “hump” a chair and made plenty of jokes about Clinton’s refusal to shake his hand when the debate began.

We have seen numerous memes of both the candidates but there’s definitely so much more left to it. No wonder this will be the biggest meme aggravating event of the entire history.

Trump Hillary Alien

The debate audience was supposed to be made up of undecided voters, but this guy appears decidedly decided: I think this dude just flipped to “Then there was Trump looming behind Clinton menacingly while she appeared unaware (probably because she was doing her best to ignore his obnoxiousness all night)

Halloween So Soon?

Hillary Clinton gets serious on policy during last night’s debate whilst Donald Trump gets even more serious with the chair.

This Moment Donald Trump Had With His Debate Chair Inspired a Hilarious Photoshop Battle

Trump Hillary Massage

Adding in fake audio wasn’t the only way to have fun with the debate; the candidates’ physical mannerisms made for a few laughs as well. Holt, who ended things early to get to a dentist appointment, asked Clinton to act as if her face muscles had frozen in the middle of laughing, which perfectly matched up with the video. And, of course, the infinite variations of each of these jokes can be now found strewn across the Internet like pieces of our shattered dreams of the future.

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