Take the Plunge and Try Being Happy, It’s Not That Hard

The biggest cause of widespread unhappiness in the world is that we have attached our happiness with other things, people, and circumstances. If a certain person is not there anymore in our life, we grieve over their absence forever. I do not mean to say that you should not be unhappy on the death of a loved one or if someone is not there anymore in your life. We mourn the loss of beloved and that’s only human. But to keep thinking about the past or something you cannot change is the indication that your emotions are controlling you and this is the biggest barrier between you and happiness.

Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections. – Gerard Way

Your happiness is just a variable and it depends on you whether you make it a dependent or independent one. If you are associating your emotions with anything that means you are always vulnerable to be unhappy one way or the other. Happiness doesn’t have to depend on specific people, it doesn’t have to depend on circumstances like being rich and it doesn’t have to depend on material things.

Don’t Wait for Change, Change Should Come Within You

If you are waiting for circumstances to change or to get the things you always wanted, to be happy, then chances are that you are not going to be happy even after having them. However odd it may seem, because if happiness is linked with something temporary, it will be there for limited time period and then vanish again. Happiness is something within your own reach. There’s a secret to it and some people just get that secret code of life. I have seen a car wash boy happier than the landlady. I have seen that family living in slums that don’t even have a decent meal to eat three times a day but they are still so happy. They are undoubtedly richer than most of us. What is it that makes them so cheerful despite the circumstances? The answer is, they have got that secret key to happiness, the secret code of life that most of us forgot.

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So what do you think is the secret we have been talking about all along? It’s simple. Happiness starts when you choose to look beyond the imperfections of your life. When you start enjoying little things that bring you joy. That can be your coffee on a rainy day, it can be the laughter of your child, taking a hot bath, eating ice-cream sundae or getting early to watch the sunrise.

Add Richness to Your Life

There are countless little things that sum up to add richness to your life. Take it day by day and find at least one small thing to be happy about each day. It can also be a hobby you enjoy like I feel good when I read books or write about something I love. Other times, I find solace in doing some art and craft work. It varies from person to person but something is always there to make you feel good about yourself. And lastly, never underestimate the power of making quality friends. They lift you up when you are down. Maintaining a good social life is the door to long-term happiness. So never forget to go out, meet people and have fun. Show the world that life is a beautiful thing. Cheers!

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