True Love Explained in 15 Pictures

True Love

Love is a basic universal feeling that encompasses all the positive aspects in it. Just like the color white, that consists of energy formed from the three primary colors.

Love also consists of all the positive emotions such as care, trust, commitment etc. From the beginning till the end, love makes a person feel very special. It’s an incomprehensible feeling.

The artist Pascal Campion has illustrated the feeling of love in his paintings. Take a look.

Feeling Nervous When You First Meet Each Other…

Everyone gets that special gut feeling when they first meet the love of their life. There’s no need to tell that a person standing in front of you is someone different from rest of the individuals.

There’s a certain vibe surrounding us that makes us nervous, no matter how confident we generally are.

True Love Nervous Bar

.before Falling Head Over Heels in Love on Your First Date…

Gradually a person starts opening up to the significant other. You two communicate and get to know each other.

It’s the time of acceptance; when two individuals accept each other fully with all their faults and fall deeply in love with their imperfections.

True Love First Date

You two communicate and get to know each other, then you fall in #love. Share on X

…and Then Worrying About the First Kiss

The first kiss holds special significance in the lives of all couples. It’s the first physical contact that takes place after forming a solid emotional bond.

True Love First Kiss

Snuggling Up by the Fireplace Under a Blanket

True Love Fireplace Snuggl

It’s when two of them get comfortable in each other’s company and start craving it. At the end of the day, nothing can be as special as curling up beside your love and embracing them.

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Smiling at Each Other Over Breakfast, Thinking About the Same Thing but Not Saying a Word

When two souls are intertwined with the bond of love, they don’t need words to communicate. All the communication starts taking place through vibes, energies, expressions and gestures. That is when two people sit beside each other without talking for hours and feel perfectly happy.

True Love Breakfast Smile

Spending Hours on End Out in the Cold Because You Don’t Want to Go Home Without Each Other

It’s that stage where it’s so difficult to leave each other, to say goodbye. You find yourself counting the hours until you meet them again.

True Love Winter Cold


Taking a Long Time to Say Goodbye

…And finally when you get up to say goodbye before departing on two separate ways.. it always takes long.

True Love Saying Goodbye 1

Organizing Surprises for Each Other

The thrill is not just because of falling in love but it is about all the small things you do for each other.

Those small gifts and surprises warm the heart and make both of you feel special.

True Love Gifting Roses

Having Fun Together in the Park…

A couple that’s truly in love doesn’t need fancy and luxurious things to be happy together.

They can enjoy all the simple activities of life like the artist has depicted.

True Love Fun In The Park

…and at Home

And of course, nothing can beat a mischievous pillow fight at night with your partner.

True Love Pillow Fight

Nothing can beat a mischievous pillow fight at night with your partner. Share on X

Trying to Make Her Parents Like You

A man who truly loves a woman will always try to impress her family members, especially her parents.It’s always hard to act so gentle when your heart is pounding like thousand drums inside your chest.

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It’s hard to act like a gentleman when your heart is pounding like a thousand drums inside your chest.

True Love Parents Dinner

Feeling Overjoyed When You’re Reunited…

The hardest part is when your significant other has to go far away for important matters and you’re left all alone missing them.

Your heart is longing for that special moment when you’ll be reunited as a family. When he / she finally gets back home the feelings you have are incredible…

True Love Feeling Joy

…and Then Sitting Down to Dinner Together

It always feels good to have a meal with your love.

True Love Family Dinner Together

Playing With the Kids Until You Drop..

A happy family time is a luxury not to be underestimated. Playing with the kids is a fun part of every family.

True Love Playing With The Kids

…and Feeling True Delight When You See Them Grow Up to Be as Happy in Love as You Are

The kids who have been nurtured in a happy loving environment grow up as loving and secure adults. It’s always delightful to see them find that special someone.

True Love Feeling Happy

Pascal has beautifully illustrated all the stages of love from start till the end. These paintings give off positive vibes and bring colors to the world that’s sometimes too black and white.

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