30+ Amazing Tim Cook Artworks (Huge Collection!)

This story is inspired by all the tribute posts that followed the death of Steve Jobs. We at are truly fond of Apple and everything they are doing.

We love Cook for carrying forward Job’s philosophy and ethics and even improving them. Cook is a silent guy who doesn’t react much to critics but keeps a note of them. He is a thinker, cool, calm and disciplined. The guy has great negotiating skills. The way he cracked a deal with China Mobile is awesome. Also, he is committed and seriously wants to carry forward Job’s philosophy of Customer Satisfaction first and Always make the best product in the world.

Apple has always taken decision looking at future instead of looking at the past. It is very difficult to be the one who breaks things. Especially when other companies decide to stick with the wrong things from the past and tag them as “features”.

So we’ve decided that Tim Cook deserves a post that shows the world all the different illustrations and cartoons that people have made him.





This post was inspired by all the tribute posts that Jobs got, here are some of the best ones:

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