Thinking Is Easy, Acting Is Hard. Stop Wasting Your Time!

To Think Is Easy To Act Is Hard But The Hardest Thing In The World Is To Act In Accordance With Your Thinking

To think is easy. To act is hard. But the hardest thing in the world is to act in accordance with your thinking. – Johann von Goethe

As humans we think a lot. We think about ourselves, our families, work, school or whatever comes to our mind but we think a lot. Some people do it more than others.

According to scientific research an average person has 48 thoughts per minute and about 50000-70000 thoughts per day! Whoa! That’s overwhelmingly numerous isn’t it? In addition to that we have our internal preset standards of ethics, morality, principles and rules. Every person has a different set of standards when it comes to living. We idealize so many things in our day to day lives. World should be this way, our country should be that way, our families and our own lives… we have an ideal situation for each of these in our mind. And we take this little universe that we have created, everywhere with us.

As I said we think about how everything should be and how people should behave but when it comes to doing things ourselves, then it starts to get real. Its easy to expect everyone to be honest, not cheat, be on time etc but when our own life gets tough, we are under huge debt, it’s a financial crises nobody is helping and life is a mess. We find plethora of excuses for not being honest. We justify cheating and we can go lengths to protect our credibility. Furthermore, when it comes to ourselves and our lifestyle, we tend to over procrastinate. Simply because that’s easier than living an ideal life you have dreamed of.

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According to Alfred Adler, human beings have a natural disposition to feel inferior and this in healthy amount is necessary in order to strive to improve and achieve more. No one is perfect; no one can be because there’s always ALWAYS some room for improvement. So in order to achieve more, we tend to plan lots of things but fail to act on most of what we thought. Our thoughts overwhelm us in our day to day lives.

Like I planned on starting a new routine, from tomorrow onwards I will be waking up at 5 am. End of discussion. But when it comes to ACTUALLY waking up at 5 am? LOL. Don’t even think of that. I might just be an owl trying to become a bird.

Dude, the owl is a bird! I know but that’s just different kind of bird. Like we all are different kind of humans.

So back to the main point, how can we start doing what we are thinking? Obviously, we cannot change the world or other people but we at least have some influence on ourselves.

First of all, be aware of what you want to do or what you want to become. Then you need to know what you will HAVE to do in order to get there. After that, you will divide the process in small steps or stages. For each step you will try hard even if it takes a year! Yes, determination is the key. The first step will be the hardest, second a little less and then it gets easier along the way. Like this we can practice whatever we think. Take little at a time and don’t forget to reward yourself at each step. Best of luck!

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