How to Take the Perfect Selfie, Explained With Selfies :)

Today we thought we’d share a guide on how you can take the perfect selfie of yourself. Don’t forget that the angle is always important! How can we make the photo more professional profile in our social media accounts? Here are eight tactics to take profile pictures have come out of the hands of a master photographer.

The Photo Selfie Guide 08

Avoid exaggerated smile. Natural laughter is always the best.


The Photo Selfie Guide 03

Don’t raise your head too much, it may not always give the desired result. Eye level photos taken from different angles always look better.


The Photo Selfie Guide 02

One of the more common mistakes made by going along with the top selfie shooting error. Your head may be bigger than your body.


The Photo Selfie Guide 05

See which side of yours looks better, we are not symmetrical and we always have a better side.


The Photo Selfie Guide 04

Don’t change your facial muscles, it won’t give the desired effect. Just look slightly to the side of the lens.


The Photo Selfie Guide 06

Don’t raise your eyebrows too much, or you’ll start looking like a freak. Try and be as natural as possible without tensing your facial muscles.


The Photo Selfie Guide 01

Avoid throwing a hard gaze on the camera.


The Photo Selfie Guide 07

If you keep your head upright and neck in the profile photo you’ll always tend to look better.


The Photo Selfie Guide 09

Stop kissing the air! It’s not sexy! Note the natural look … 

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