Presenting the Omnicopter, Quadrocopers Are So 2000 and Late

Dario Brescianini and Raffaello D’Andrea have just released a demonstration video for their Omnicopter, the latest invention of the duo that brought us Quadrocopter Pole Acrobatics. Watch as their latest machine can fly in just about any direction that you can imagine without breaking a sweat.

The Omnicopter is a omni-directional six degrees-of-freedom flying machine. According to the duo:

In this video, we present a novel six degrees-of-freedom aerial vehicle. Based on a static force and torque analysis for generic actuator configurations, we have derived an eight-rotor configuration that maximizes the vehicle’s agility in all directions. The resulting vehicle possesses full force and torque authority in all three dimensions, allowing it to fly novel maneuvers.

The Omnicopter Specs

  • Size: 0.45m x 0.45m x 0.45m
  • Weight: 0.886kg
  • Electronics: Custom design using a Cortex M4F microprocessor
  • Battery: Thunder Power TP1800-4SM70
  • Motors: MRM Titan 2208-1100
  • Motor controllers: Dys SN20A Mini with SimonK firmware.
  • Propellers: Graupner 3D 8×4.5
  • Infrastructure: Flying Machine Arena

Watch the Omnicopter Video

If you’d like you can read the whole research paper called “Design, Modeling and Control of an Omni-Directional Aerial Vehicle” at

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