7 Steps to Stop Your Dog From Pulling on His Leash

We all have seen the dog owners being dragged by their dogs, running across the street like in cartoons. Although that’s not the true depiction of what is actually happening, it’s quite close to the reality.

As lazy and furry as our dogs may seem, but when they are shut indoors for a long time without any activity, they lose all their composure and turn into an agitated being. I cannot recall more than just a couple of times that I took out my dog for a walk and was not dragged by it like a long cloak of a king behind him.

Your dearest pet pulling on its leash is causing danger for you as well as itself. Fortunately, we at have devised 7 steps to calm down your dog and prevent it from pulling on the leash.

Calm Down the Dog Before Finally Going Out

Cal The Do

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Most of the dogs generally get very excited even before opening the door when you just tie up the leash. Don’t take them out until their energy level is normal. Take some time, make them sit until its all perfect to go out.

Practice Before Performance

Practice Dog Sittin

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Train your dog for the walk in your backyard before going out on streets. Once they have learned how to walk like a nice pup; you can take them out without worries.

Try a No-Pull Harness if You Do Not Have Time

Dog Walking No Pull Harness

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Haven’t got enough time to train your dog? Don’t panic because you can always buy a no-pull harness that is specifically designed for a perfect walk with your dog. It does not harm him when he pulls on it, preventing any injury to you or your pet.

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Simply Stop When They Start Pulling..

Stop When Dog Pulls

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The ones who have got some extra time can try this really simple technique. Every time your pet tries to dominate the walk by pulling on the leash, just stop right there. This will associate a negative experience with pulling on the leash and your dog will learn not to do that. Once they stop pulling, start walking again and provide positive feedback.

Change the Direction

Dog On A Leash

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When your dog decides to regain the control by pulling again; just change the direction of your walk. This will throw him off guard and he will not do it as frequently again.

Tire Your Dog Before Starting the Walk

Have you ever noticed that your poodle is less likely to pull on the leash at the end of the walk? That’s because they get tired. Play with your pup before taking them out for the walk, this will cause them to be less ‘jumpy’ when going for a walk.

No Compliance No Reward

Dog Reward

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You have to incorporate certain behaviors in your dog by rewarding them at the right times. If they are getting what they want by pulling on the leash, that means they are being positively reinforced. Don’t let them run fast, and when they stop pulling, pat them or do something they might like.

This is it! Seven “dog expert” ways of teaching your pet not to pull on the leash. Which one you think might work best for your pup?

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