Son Shows Gratitude and Takes Sick Father to Live With Him in College

In the past, my father took me to the doctors, now my father is sick, I cannot leave him behind, said the young man to China’s People’s Daily.

Zhao Delong had polio in childhood and his father was the only person who could take him to the doctor, on the back of a bicycle. He needed to have surgery and was unable to walk for a while.

But Zhao recovered, learned to walk again and managed to get into college. As his father was always by his side, he could not abandon him now. “I cannot leave you behind!” Says Zhao.

In addition to attending classes, the young man cooks, cleans the college dorm where the two live and helps his father, who is paralyzed due to an unidentified disease.

The student had to get a part time job to help with the family budget.

Here are some photos of this hero.

1. Zhao taking his dad out for a walk in his wheelchair

Son Sick Father College 1
2. Giving him his medicine on time everyday…

Son Sick Father College 3
3. Zhao feeding his father..

Son Sick Father College 2

The relation between father and son is the most beautiful relation on this earth. Toddlers start imitating their fathers as soon as they start understanding their surroundings.

If the bond is strong; the two can always support each other no matter how difficult the times are.

What about you? Would you do the same if you were in his shoes?

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