Could Someone Be in a Depression? Watch Out for These 7 Signs

Signs Of Depression

We all know this situation: a person close to us, either a friend or relative is behaving strangely. Maybe it’s just the consequences of exhaustion and stress. However, the bad mood becomes more and more common and it seems that the person does not seem to come out of that emotional hole…

Everything can be more serious than you think and, at best, is a real depression what it’s happening.

Learn to distinguish the first signs of this disease along with

1. the Person in Question Is Easily Irritated by Anything

Most people believe that depression is summarized to an immense sadness. On the contrary, often in depression, people feel anger and irritability instead of dejection and despair.

2. Complaints of Insomnia

One or two sleepless nights is not an alarming reason. However, chronic insomnia is a worrying sign. Sometimes the opposite happens: in the morning it difficult to wake up, throughout the day is very sleepy, and afternoon first thing he does is sleep even leaving aside the most important things.

3. Pain in One’s Body

There is a powerful connection between the body and consciousness. When the body tries to restore psychological health, you may feel unexplained back pain, muscle or experience constant headaches.4. It is with low batteries

4. Tired and Without Energy

Feel tired and low energy all the time, which, usually, is attributed to insomnia or fatigue work. A prominent symptom is that small tasks begin to tire him or her take and much longer than before.

5. Feelings of Guilt

Feeling guilty and useless all the time for anything is not normal. If any event triggers an internal monolog with much criticism, it may be a sign of depression.

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6. Unexpected Habits

People who look like party animals on the outside are often suffering on the inside. An unusual fondness for gambling, sexual behavior that is too frivolous and other abuses may actually indicate that the person is trying to fight his inner chaos.

This change in behavior gives only temporary relief and aggravates depression.

7. Concentration Problems

Everything is like in a fog, the person loses the keys or papers, forgets important things. Focus at work is greatly reduced and it is difficult to concentrate on the tasks at hand. A bad mood can also cause deconcentration, however, depression causes similar symptoms.

Remember that the more signals you count, the higher the probability that your loved one is not only exhausted but depressed. Struggling with depression doesn’t mean someone is weak; people with incredible mental strength experience mental-health problems. Do not ignore this and act fast, looks for ways to help, talk to the doctor!

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