Scientists Discovered Why Smart People Do Not Fall in Love So Easy

Smart People Love

Love is something that is very difficult to explain. is offering you a very interesting twist on things that will help you see everything from another perspective.

Why do intelligent people struggle to meet their soulmate?

1. They Analyze Their Feelings and Others Feelings

Smart people know how to gather information and draw conclusions. And this skill plays them a bad joke, they are more likely to get out of the relationship as the first signs of problems arise. Misunderstandings, discussions? We shouldn’t be with each other, goodbye.

2. They Need More Time to Open Their Soul to Others

The brain never stops working and it’s constantly bringing to the surface all the details and possible reasons why everything can go wrong. As a result, intelligent people find it difficult to be open with others, even though they know and understand that any relationship is a risk. So often they look cold and reserved but actually on the inside they aren’t like that.

3. They Rely on Their Previous Experience

This is another trap that intelligent people fall into. What has destroyed their previous relationship will not necessarily destroy the current relationship, however, they find this difficult to understand. They remember the painful experience of separation in the past and project their previous experience to people who are currently at their side.

4. Loneliness Is Their Conscious Choice

Yes, it is! Intelligent people realize that it is better and more comfortable being alone that being in “bad company”. It is their well thought out and fully conscious choice. In most cases these people are not alone because of circumstances but because that is what they want. They often feel great in solitude.

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Source: iheartintelligence

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