Why We Shudder When We Are Falling Asleep?

Why We Shudder When We Are Falling Asleep

There are several explanations why we tremble not wanting to fall asleep, but the explanation as to why this is happening is most interesting and logical.

Often when we fall asleep, when we fall into a deep sleep, our breathing slows down so much that the body thinks we’re dying and activates a defense mechanism. The brain reflexes send a signal to all extremities of your body to contract the muscles in order to awaken yourself. Not sensing the difference between sleep and death, the self – preservation instinct is always activated. That is why, when our muscles contract, we wake up to check if everything is okay. And after we check and make sure that everything is alright, we fall into a deep sleep.

To prevent these contractions from happening you have to prepare yourself for sleep. For example, take a hot bath or take a relaxing massage. Do not provoke your brain, otherwise, you will wake up soon after you’ve fallen asleep, and most of the times you’ll wake up scared.

The same is true when we are cold and start to shake. The brain begins to employ mechanisms that help the body warm. Tremor is one of them because the low-frequency muscle contractions and the muscle work always causes the release of thermal energy.

Cat Shudder Falling Asleep

At we often shudder before falling sleep, but now we know why. It’s amazing how well thought out it is our body!

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