The Scariest Road in the World, the Road to Nowhere

One of the most dangerous roads in the world is located in Midwest part of the Norwegian coastline. This 8.3 km long road is part of Norwegian national road Rv64 and has 8 “roller coaster ride” kind of bridges. It was first proposed in 20th century to be made as a railway track but later on, the plan changed and hence this ‘one of a kind’ road came into existence.

A serious plan for construction was made in 1970, and construction finally started in 1983. The road took 6 years to be constructed. Now, this road is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the country and has been preserved as the cultural heritage site. It has also been classified as National Tourist Route.

If you are tired of routine driving and looking for a kickass experience, this road might be the one for you. It requires seven years experience of driving and is not meant for the delicate hearted people. It’s not only a swingy, jumpy, bumpy ride but it will also give you the emotional goose bumps. Especially the waves crashing against your car and the stormy kind of weather is not something anyone would wish for.

Atlantic Ocean Road spans a distance of 8.3 kilometres (5.1 miles) and is considered one of the most scenic drives in the world.

View From Above the Atlantic Ocean Road

The Dangers of This Road

It’s a death charm, so dangerous yet such a sophisticated experience. The feeling is just unexplainable to be described in words. It’s a deadly combination of crashing waves, treacherous ocean, fatal weather, and the piercing orange sunset (if you get to see the one).

The place is just out of this world. while driving you must never get so absorbed in the scenic beauty of the area that you lose the grip because that can be the last mistake of your life. Drive on this road can be kind of addictive as you lose yourself to the foggy, rainy, sunny and deep ‘oceany’ atmosphere all at the same time. Don’t even dare to forget your camera when you plan to go there!

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Atlantic Ocean Norvegia Road

View Spots for Walking Travellers

This road is an enchanting interaction of architecture and nature. One of the bridges has been reserved for the fishing and those who fear that they might end up in water but still want to enjoy the ride can stop on one of the four viewpoints.

If you are craving adventure and feel an urge to tantalize your senses with chills of fear and enjoyment then this might be an ideal destination for you.

Driving on This Road

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