Retrorunning, the Awesome Way to Burn Massive Callories

We know how important health care is. Moreover, we always seek new weight loss techniques. We present the new “Retrorunning” technique, a discipline with increasing supporters.

What it is?

Running back. That’s right, back. This is a very efficient and intensive training method. In addition to reducing the risk of injury in the back and legs, helps to tone the muscles of the legs.

Why is it so good to lose weight?

This being a complete cardiovascular exercise not only helps burn many calories, but also is characterized as a complete training that works all muscle groups, especially the quadriceps.

To get an idea, the proportion compared to a traditional race is 6 to 1. That’s right, running back is 6 times more efficient than normal running.

Running back (also called retro-running) is 6 times more efficient than normal running. Share on X

Here’s a video of a retrorunning competition

Here are 6 benefits of retro-running

1. It tones the legs and muscles

When you run forward, you perform a repetition of the same action continuously, which can lead to dangerous imbalance and chronic knee problems. Running back is a method to counteract these effects.

2. Prevents injuries

The sliding back technique suggests a driving change and thus reduces the aggressive impact on the knees, since it incorporates in a manner which helps to reduce injuries.

3. It strengthens the muscles of the knees

As previously mentioned, running back minimizes the impact on the knee joint. Therefore, this exercise allows you to develop the lateral muscles of the knees. In the long run, the knee gets stronger and you do not stop training.

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4. Develops peripheral vision and helps balance

This is because the running back, do not use the sight all the time; we began to develop other senses, such as hearing.

5. Strengthens abdominal muscles

Running back makes the person feel his abdominal muscles tightening, and leave the more relaxed back. That is, you continue working on the muscles, but do not feel as much fatigue as when running forward.

6. Improves posture

Running back helps align the vertebrae and relieves pressure on the nerves. Remember, your shoulders should be back and always straight.

General recommendations

  • If you want to start the Retro running, we recommend you go to a traditional running track or a track you know well. The lines of the floor will help you.
  • If you think of running on asphalt, the ideal is that there are markings on the floor.
  • If you cannot face the challenge of running in the street or on a track, you can start even in your backyard.
  • And of course, talk to your coach or your personal trainer before starting your retro running course.
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