The Most Painful Parts of Rejection Sometimes Yield Best Results

Rejection Results

Our life is like a car that is made up of different parts joined together and each part has its own unique function. A car will not operate if any of the parts is missing. Similarly, our life will be stagnant if its parts such as love, happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and rejection are removed from it. These all contribute to creating what we call ‘life’. The most painful parts such as rejection sometimes yield best results. A famous quote about rejection:

You have to know how to accept rejection and reject acceptance.

Rejection can be romantic, social, career-oriented or rejection of our abilities, ideas, and self. Everyone has to face it in one form or the other. Some of the best and famous people had to make it through rejection to reach this level of their life where they are now.

Like J.K Rowling the famous and well-known writer of the Harry Potter series. Her mother died the same year in which she started writing her first draft. Later she was fired from her job for writing stories on her work PC. In 1992 she got married but her marriage ended in divorce. She was widowed, jobless and penniless with a dependent child to take care of. She went to several publishers with her script but 12 of them rejected her. She did not lose hope and kept on finding publishers for her work despite the rejection and circumstances. In 1997, her first book got published. In 1998, it won two awards and that started her flourishing career as a writer. Today she is known worldwide.

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This small biography was meant to be an inspiration for those who find it hard to accept rejection. There are thousands of such stories where rejection led to huge success later in life. Now the question is how one can handle the rejection at present without waiting to become successful in future. There are various ways for it:

  1. Know that rejection is the result of negative judgment and judgment is subjective in nature. Someone’s opinions about you do not define who you actually are. Everyone has different opinions. Know your worth.
  2. Among all of the people you have met in your life; the percentage of those who are rejecting you is very small. So it doesn’t matter.
  3. If you won’t focus on it, the negative emotions will lose their power.
  4. Rejection is kind of a feedback. It works as an indicator of areas in your life where improvement is needed. Use it to build strength and achieve more.

Now, there is another counterpart of rejection that is acceptance. Sometimes you not only need to accept the rejection but to reject the acceptance as well. Lets see how it works.Suppose, someone is having the worst time of their life and no one is there to support. They keep working hard and moving on until they get really successful. The people who were nowhere near when times got rough are now 24/7 by the side.

The person should reject their acceptance now because it is very likely that they won’t be there if the tides started moving against the sail again. Similarly, One should reject the acceptance of a bad company of friends, a job that pays little for highly demanded skill, a toxic relationship or anything that’s harmful to one’s well-being.

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The ability to say no and move on at the right time will save you from many setbacks in life.

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