Scientists Spent 45 Years Researching How to Raise Super Smart and Successful Children

Secret Smart Inteligent Children

In the distant 1968, Professor Julian Stanley of Baltimore, United States, founded a scientific group to study the “young talents”. Since then, he and his colleagues analyzed the careers and achievements of more than 5,000 different people, starting with observing them since childhood. The main objective was to discover how to raise gifted children. shares with you some tips of these scientists who spent so much time and applied such dedication to reach these conclusions.

The investigation showed that it was impossible to single out one factor that would help you raise the new Richard Feynman or Marie Curie. Among the most important factors are the following:

The love of parents. Their support and help are invaluable for a preschooler, they help the rate of brain development of the child.

Complex tasks whose difficulty increases with time. This teaching method positively influences the flexibility of thought and the connection between neurons.

Common puzzles and games. Both improve many cognitive functions of the brain, for example, thought, memory, attention, and planning.

Playing musical instruments. It not only helps to the intellectual development of children but adults as well.

Read books. It is better to adopt this habit since childhood and not forget it in the course of your life.

Among the young people who were observed and investigated by scientists who graduated Gifted Youngsters Center at John Hopkins University were: Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin, mathematician Terence Tao and even Lady Gaga.

Source: iflscience

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