How to Raise the Perfect Child in the New World

I am assuming that most of you reading this are wondering what I mean by “The New World”.

Allow me to explain.

The new world we live in is mainly dark, and deceitful. It is filled with corruption at large, and corruption in your own backyard. This new world we live in is filled with laziness and excuses. And people are left with diminishing opportunities to make it any better.

I Am Here to Tell You How to Raise the Perfect Family in This New World

I’m sorry to burst your bubble but even in the 50’s those seemingly perfect families were far from perfect

Just because they appeared “put together” did not make them so. You will never be able to have the perfect child.

Those pictures on Pinterest that you see of the “Perfect Desert”, and the “Perfect Family Holiday Card”, those are all just staged pictures. Don’t be fooled by a picture. And rest in ease knowing that perfection is far over rated.

What You Can Do for Your Family, Your Children, and the Next Generation Is to Raise Kids Who Don’t Mold to the Norms of This New World. and Here’s How

Instill a Sense of Faith in Your Children

Find a church that suits your needs and give your family something to believe in. Let them relish in the fact that Jesus above all else loves them.

Show them that faith is much more than believing when things are going well.

Show them that faith is much more than believing when things are going well. Share on X

It is standing true to your faith, even in the darkness.

Teach Your Children a Core Set of Values, That They Will Carry With Them Far After They Leave Your Nest

Teenager Saying Goodbye

Education is what they’ll take with them when leaving

The first most important value being, honesty. Teaching your children the importance of HONESTY is a staple they should learn from an early age.

Encourage your child to tell the truth in all circumstances, even if it means they may get in trouble.

Another core value that children should learn from an early age is LOVE. Teach your children how to love with an open and honest heart.

Never be afraid to tell them you love them every chance you get.

Being warm, caring, and affectionate to your children eventually turns them into warm, caring, and affectionate people themselves.

Teach Them Manners, and the Importance of Being Polite

Child With Manners

Teach the to say Please

I find that in the hustle and bustle of life these days, parents are forgetting to teach their mini humans manners.

This is resulting in rude children who have come to expect “things” rather than appreciate anything.

Having your child say, “Please”, “Thank you,” and “You’re welcome” every opportunity you have is vital to helping turn this world right side up. Polite children are admired, while the remainder of children are labeled “brats” simply because they were not taught simple manners.

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Polite #children are #admired, while the remainder of children are labeled #brats.. Share on X

Teach Them to Find a Passion, and How to Work Hard to Achieve Their Dreams

Child Cleaning Floor

Chores are an important part of education

Make sure they know that nothing is impossible if they have the Lord, and their values.

Teach them to dream big, and live bold!

Show them the value in hard work, and show them how their hard work can pay off. Let them work for small things.

For instance, letting them do chores to earn money to buy a new pair of shoes. This will give them a sense of accomplishment, and show them the value of their hard work paying off.

Give your children sense of #accomplishment, teach them to do #chores. Share on X

At the same time you want to encourage your child to find something they are passionate about, and help them foster and grow that passion.

Tell Your Children Every Day That You Are Proud of Them

Children Graduation

Be proud of your child

Children (both big and small) are always looking to their parents for approval. Even if you, as the parent, do not physically see that.

Your child is constantly trying to make you proud. So tell them every day, with everything they do, that you are proud of them.

If they tried their best on an exam, and didn’t get the best grade; that’s okay! Make sure you still tell them that you are proud that they tried their best. In the end, that is all that matters. That they try the best they can.

Telling them you are proud of them will make them want to try harder next time, and give them a sense of self-confidence.

Have at Least One Meal at the Table With Your Children Every Single Day

Family Dinner With Children

Eat one meal with your children

If it is breakfast that you have together, talk about what you each have planned for the day. How you hope to accomplish your goals for the day. And how those goals are going to better your day and future.

If it is dinner you are having together talk about the goals you were able to accomplish or not. And how that made you feel, and if there is anything you can do better tomorrow.

Also, pray with every meal. Thank God for the time you have together, and the meal you are about to share.

Regularly Talk With Your Child About Any Pressures They Are Facing

Talk To Your Child

Talk To Your Child

Always keep the lines of communication open for them. In today’s world there are so many pressures that children are facing that as parents we tend to look past, or simply don’t realize.

With so many forms of technology available to them, it is hard to be sure you know everything that is going on in their lives.

You want to be sure that your child knows that you are always there for them with a listening ear, and some sound advice.

Do Not Judge Your Children, Guide Them Instead

Children Self Dress

Don’t judge your child

My 9 year old daughter taught me this most valuable lesson. She had on some Punky Brewster style outfit one day, and when I saw her I blurted out, “You’re going to wear that?” I noticed I said it in a condescending tone.

Her exact response was, “Don’t judge me!” And she was right! Who am I to judge her fashion sense.

Now is the time that she is trying to figure out who she is and what she likes. So the least I can do as a parent, is except her creativity and sense of style.

The next time you aren’t particularly pleased with your child’s fashion choice, take a step back before you judge them. And realize they are just starting to come into their own, they will get it on their own time.

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Words of Encouragement Go Much Further Than Words of Criticism

Child In Corner Cryin

Don’t ruin their self-confidence

This is critical. No child wants to hear, “You are doing that wrong“.

That hits their self-confidence hard, and chances are they may not try again.

Instead say, “That’s great, but what if we tried it this way?” This says to them that you recognize the hard work they put it in, but maybe their is another solution that they didn’t realize.

You want to help them to grow, not hold them back!

Engage in Acts of Kindness Every Chance You Get

Mom Best Friend Child

Be his best friend

Let your children know that no matter how cruel the world may be they do not have to follow suit. The motto in my house is, “It’s nice to be nice“.

What I mean by that is no matter how mean one child may be at the lunch table, does not mean you don’t share your lunch if you see that they are hungry.

Just because someone is mean, does not give you the right to treat them the same way.

Be nice anyway. As the parent, let them see you do this every time an opportunity presents itself. And for no other reason, than it is nice to be nice!

Let Your Children Enjoy Playing Outside, More Than They Like Playing on an Electronic Device

Children Playing Outside

Encourage playing outside

I’m am so sick of looking at babies face down in an electronic device!

What happened to Capture The Flag, neighborhood Hide and Go Seek, and Man Hunt? Teach your kids these games, and get outside and play with them.

Rally the whole ‘hood up, and get off the iPad, or iPhone and enjoy the fresh air!

Give Your Children a Strong Sense of Family, and the Importance of Building Each Other Up

Loving Helpful Family

Don’t be like The Bundy family

It devastates me how families these days are tearing each other apart. Family should be held to the highest standard.

Your family should be the people you can always count on no matter what. Not the people that hurt you or abandon you in crisis.

Your #family should be the people you can always count on no matter what. Share on X

Bring back the importance of family. Show your children that the foundation in which they grow IS their family. And that is something that they can always depend on to support them, build them up, and have their backs no matter what.

Allow Your Child to Have a Giving Heart

Girl Giving Present To Grandmother

Teach your children to give

It is far better to give, then it is to take.

This year each of my 4 daughters are forfeiting one Christmas present and instead donating it to a children’s orphanage.

I’m not telling you that your children have to do this. But at least teach them the value in giving to those less fortunate.

The feeling that they will get, and the compassion that you are teaching them is the greatest gift you could ever give your child.

But Most of All, Teach Your Children That Money Is the Least of What Makes a Person Happy

Girl Cleaning Shelf

© moneymanagement

This is my favorite one. I think people these days are losing sight of what is really important in this world.

Money does not buy happiness.

You choose how you feel. It is as simple as that. You can have nothing, but be happy with the sound of the birds, or the first snowfall, or the fact that you have a family that loves you.

Stuff” will never make you happy. But love will always keep you happy and warm.

The Key to Being Successful

Love, kindness, and peace in their heart is all that they need to be successful and happy.

If you are looking to raise the perfect child in this new world, I highly suggest you reevaluate your own values.

Perfection is nothing more than an idea.

The greatest kids in this world are the ones that will help someone in need, before they help themselves.

Raise that child, and the world will prosper.

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