The Putin – Obama Stare, a Hilarious Photoshop Response

The photo of Putin and Obama shooting an evil stare at each other at G20 summit in China soon became the Photoshop victim and part of the internet meme war.

The picture was captured by photographer Alexei Druzhinin and was uploaded to Reddit’s popular r/photoshopbattles and the Redditers did their best with their hilarious and creative responses. Some of the funniest edits are shown below.


Putin Obama Stare Fight 03

The photo shows Obama and Putin as The Thugs or the Mafia Gangsters initiating a fight with each other with blood as the price to pay. Their hands are manipulated by Photoshop and their faces covered with handkerchiefs to show the true inner feelings of both. Feeling like a Thug… errr maitee

Dawn of Death Stare

Putin Obama Stare Fight 10

Putin has been transformed into Batman now and Obama as the superman. The Batman and Superman rivalry is as old as the History of USA. Hence this “PutinMan’’ vs “Obama Man” piece came into existence.

First Round Action

Putin Obama Stare Fight 07

Ladies and Gentlemen as you can see Putin vs Obama. Putin moved his punch forward with full force but Obama just moved away and succeeded in defending himself while Putin glared at him furiously.

G20 Fight Night

Putin Obama Stare Fight 12

The most interesting part of the G20 summit night, Obama versus Putin fight! Both rivals came against each other with laser beam glances shooting at each other while audience hooted and roared.

Mario and Luigi

Putin Obama Stare Fight 09

Putin and Luigi stand against each other as the Mario in Putin unleashes itself. Height and features of both are undoubtedly best matched with these cartoons.

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Political Memes That’s What We Are Now

Putin Obama Stare Fight 13

This picture shows the future state of both the figures when they will get to see their horrific memes all over the internet. Who knew one serious glance can result into a memeeeeee…. :_(

Strangers in the Night

Putin Obama Stare Fight 08

This is pretty romantic… Mr. Putin rescued lonely Ms Obama on a rainy night as they both look at each other ‘lovingly’ while standing under an umbrella.


Putin Obama Stare Fight 01

The passionate romance meme of Obama and Putin depicting a twilight scene. There is something seriously uneasy about this scenario though.

What Will They Say

Putin Obama Stare Fight 02

The titanic romance of Obama and Putin as the isolated lovers who are lost on the island alone, But Putin fears that her family might see them and kill them both.

Wizard Duel

Putin Obama Stare Fight 05

Here comes the Harry Potter meme. Two wizards are about to start a magic round with their sticks. Guess what each of them will produce?

Eye of the Tiger

Putin Obama Stare Fight 11

The “eye to eye” phenomena is taking place here. Watching out for each other like the movie characters shown.

He’s Following Us Again

Putin Obama Stare Fight 06

Original picture has been given a title, Obama and Putin are supposedly working as dual agents giving half false reports to each other.

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