How Procrastinating Has Made Me a Better Mom

Procrastination Better Mom

I Am Proudly, a Major Avoider of the Less-Than-Vital Details.

I like to think that procrastination has helped me become a better mother. If you were to ask my husband, I’ve always been huge on Procrastinating. It can have advantages that one will find useful, from time to time.

And when it comes to household stuff, just messy/lazy in general. But since becoming a Mother, not only have I accepted my ways-but embraced them!

But I Wasn’t Always That Way…

Before we had a baby, for a very brief few weeks while I was between positions at different companies, our home was (essentially) spotless. Because while waiting on call backs, I literally had nothing to do but clean!

Once I did get back to work, however, that ended quickly. Laundry was folded, but never actually put away. The electronic dishwasher I usually opted out of using, “For the sake of the environment,” was always running. And my husband began dating his signatures in dust on all the bookshelves.

My mentality was that if we are both working full-time jobs, and with varying schedules, only able to spend 2 hours together in the morning, and 2 hours at night; why would I waste any of that precious time sorting socks? So I began putting off little tasks here and there.

We dedicated time for chores on the weekends, and it worked. Then I got pregnant.

That’s When the Fun Began!

I wish I could say that turned everything around, and that I became Suzy Homemaker:

A Super Wife from the 50’s, who kept a meticulously clean house, with a baby on her hip.

But, I’m not going to lie to you. With the arrival of a newborn, you can expect things to go undone. That mountain of laundry will only get higher, and you will have even more dishes sitting in the sink.

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I used to let it get to me. At the end of each, sleep-deprived day, I would drive myself crazy with unfinished to-do lists, and no time to even take care of myself, let alone complete those tasks.

Ironing Iron Press Clothing Clothes Housework

And then one day, for no particular reason, I realized something. Click To Tweet

By avoiding the breakfast bar (which became a “catch-all” for random crap, not having seen an actual breakfast in nearly a year), and crawling around on the floor with my son; he began walking.

Each day I chose a play date at a friend’s house. An opportunity to leave my own messy home, and a way to develop Baby’s social skills.

And every night that I didn’t spend washing dishes, the 30 minutes it would have taken to clean the kitchen was better spent snuggling with a teething infant, who slept better that night.

Vacuum Cleaner Carpet Cleaner Housework Housekeepin

I Found What Worked for Us…

No, I wasn’t finding the perfect excuse to keep a dirty home. I found a way to ease my mind about not completing certain tasks exactly when I felt like I needed to. Because the chores will always be there, and are never-ending.

But my baby isn’t. He’s learning and growing every minute. And once I let go of the anxiety my chore list was giving me, I was able to focus that energy on him. And now I’m not missing out on those precious few moments in early childhood.

I essentially found a way to use my need to procrastinate to my advantage, for the sake of my sanity.

As my son grows older, they’ll be more time allowed for organizing the hall closet I’ve been dreading for six months. Using my procrastinating habits for good, instead of evil; I’d rather be a more attentive mother now, than miss out on all the little (but important) things, because my To-Do list robbed my attention from the most important person on it.

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