Poem: “The Autumn Muse”

The Autumn Muse

Fall has always been a source of inspiration for writers, painters, musicians – anyone with an artistic eye or thoughtful heart. And no wonder – it’s a beautiful season.

But many are often sad to see summer go, too. The sun’s warmth and golden shine gets replaced with brisk winds and gloomy clouds, and for those who hate the cold and dark, fall can be a depressing season..

As a writer, especially one who often receives inspiration from the smallest, silliest things, I’ve recently become fascinated with the Muses of Greek myth.

If you’re unfamiliar, the Muses, in short, are the goddesses that preside over literature, the arts, and science, offering inspiration, and even acting as its source, to creative minds. As it is now well into the fall season, I thought I’d combine the two and see what happened.

This resulted in the discovery of a tenth Muse who (unofficially) rules over autumn – can she convince you of its beauty?

Image by Serhio Magpie via Flickr (CC); edited slightly from original.

The Autumn Muse

By Eve Estelle

Reached its end has the effulgent summer,
And blank becomes that earthen canvas;
Let once more the chill wind’s breath
Call me forth from my modest dais,
And turn to gold your fields sown
With the seeds of hope, tender love and care –
For by the hand of Saturn are your soils blessed,
When your heart is true and your toils fair.

The curtain falls now upon your verdant blooms,
But do not paint pallid those sanguine smiles;
Nay, nor halt the hymns that ring from heaven,
Such winsome songs that can be heard for miles,
That set fire to the vault and make sweet the air;
For I shall sit beneath the bower,
With an artist’s brush and an angel’s lyre,
Although wilting is the flower,
And make rain the feathers of the forest –
Enraptured be your poets, your songbirds,
That they may sing in lovely chorus
Of the canary’s plumage and the embers,
As you reap the autumn harvest.

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