In Love Physical Beauty Doesn’t Matter, the Beauty of One’s Character Does

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I strongly believe that the appearance of a person does not affect the happiness of the couple. This is demonstrated in the celebrity world, where even if you become the ideal of beauty, love and happiness are not guaranteed.

At we are committed to the natural beauty and a rich inner world. Does physical beauty determine one’s character? We don’t know the answer to this question but it seems that one’s beauty doesn’t always translate into how attractive a person is.

I watch women struggle frantically against alleged damage to their appearance. Men also sometimes struggle but not so vigorously; for them it is not as important to be handsome as making money.

Women get too involved with diets and workout machines.

They get pricked with magic injections, wear dazzling heels, that’s still not all.

If you remember plastic surgery, the surgeon’s knife comes in mind! Still people go for it. Such obsession is similar to masochism, and those that go for it are just unfortunate victims, willing to do anything for the sole purpose of that love and acceptance. Any transformation or manipulation of your appearance, from self-tanning to liposuction, is demonstration of your insecurity and a step in the wrong direction.

And this is a very unpleasant disorder.

When the approval of others becomes your main concern in life, it means that you have a big problem. Share on X

The victims of the beauty industry are even worse at self-esteem. In couples it seems that the lower the self-esteem of a man, the more he gives importance to the appearance of his wife or lover instead of her character.

People Who Are Confident Do Not Care About Such Things

Actually, I do not understand why people tolerate, for example, painful Botox injections, when the history of the world, psychology, science and everyday experience are screaming that the appearance (unlike the high moral qualities) play no role in love, attraction, sex and treatment of us by others.

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There is another issue. I’ll tell you.

Let’s look at the husbands of Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez or the wives of Pierce Brosnan, Hugh Jackman and Woody Harrelson. What about the last wife of Woody Allen? It is not a matter of physical beauty.

Pierce Brosnan Wife

Just look at Pierce’s Wife

And none of them is suspected of having friendly relations with other men or beautiful women.

Jennifer Lopez And Cris Judd Wedding

J Lo with Chris Judd

At the same time, so many physically attractive individuals exist around us, but seem very unhappy.

Marilyn Monroe, the most beautiful woman on earth, whose portrait was carried in breast pocket of soldiers of US Army in Vietnam, died of loneliness. She also had a number of psychological problems.

Marilyn said:

I am not used to being happy, I do not consider happiness as something essential for me.

Hence the question:

Do You Want to Be Physically Beautiful or Happy?

If the latter, you do not have to work on your appearance but your self-esteem.

Be confident with your looks and your appearance will really improve. It is a law of life.

Do you know that appearance is defined subjectively? Appearance is not only what you feel when looking in the mirror, “I like myself” or “I don’t like myself”, that’s the question.

Couple In Love Taipei

© Love Sign Taipei – List of Love Sculptures

Yes, love or lack of love for oneself does not come from thin air, its roots are in childhood (parents take note). If you cannot stand when you are not a priority then you have no idea about unconditional love.

I’ll be a housewife, I will learn to cook well, I’ll have a perfect appearance and then someone will always surely appreciate my talent“. My dear, no one will love you for luxury, but they may love you for that perfect pork chop stew that you’re so good at cooking. As the saying goes, “good girls go to heaven and bad girls go wherever they want.

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Also, don’t you understand that you’re not acting naturally when craving for attention? If you have this behavior, it is absolutely impossible for others to see how you really are, but they can always sense the tension and sense of dissatisfaction with yourself.

While confidence in oneself, by contrast, attracts others. It is not only a matter of self-confidence. To give infatuation, love or passion, the person needs to get hooked. In general people don’t care if you have the ideal the nose shape, flat belly or beautiful hair.

Unconsciously we get hooked to something related to childhood: an association, similarity, smell, gestures, the timbre of the voice, in short, any detail, reminiscent of the birthplace of our parents, and our fathers or mothers. This association, by the way, does not necessarily have to be happy.

And against all this are impossible tricks, plastic surgery, clothing and physical virtues.

Learn To Be Confident

Learn To Be Confident

For love there is no appearance; there’s only character that alone is valued in this world, a scarce trait.

Work on Your Character

Character provokes interest, respect and desire to obtain it. Share on X

If you need all this, there is only one way out:

  • Be yourself.
  • Develop your individuality and personal qualities.
  • Do not accept compromises.
  • Do not suffocate yourself and do not act like a victim.
  • It is better to follow your own desires, dreams and aspirations. Cultivate your difference from others and do not suppress things that prevail in your personality.

The task is to compensate for what you lack, filling those gaps that were formed during childhood and adolescence. In putting forward this goal and making it a vital priority, do not wait for others to make you happy.

Others appear in your life and will make you feel good, only when you start feeling confident in yourself.

Your appearance is only the reflection of your self-esteem. Share on X
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