The Personality Test: Where Do You Stand in the Tree?

The creator of this test is the famous British psychologist Pip Wilson. It was created for school children to ensure they are adapted to the new school after the first three years. Over time, they found that it also functions in adults. It helps to understand your current emotional state, what you want to have and also works to realize what your role is in society. Our team at took the test, and some of us were very surprised of the results.

Each of these small ‘little people’ in the tree has a different mood and occupies a unique place. To begin, choose which looks more like you now. Then choose the ‘little person’ that you want to look like.

What’s your personality?

  • If you chose the positions 1, 3, 6 or 7, it characterizes you as a motivated person who is not afraid of obstacles.
  • If your choice is within the following numbers: 2, 11, 12, or 19, it means that you are a sociable person who always wants to help friends.
  • If you have chosen the number 4 position, it defines you as a person with a stable lifestyle that wants to achieve all the success in the world without having to face many difficulties.
  • If your choice was the number 5, for sure you’re tired, with little power or motivation.
  • If you chose the number 9, you are a happy person who loves fun.
  • Number 13 or 21. You are blocked and you have many internal conflicts. You avoid relating to other people.
  • Number 8. You like to get lost in your thoughts, meditate on your things and navigate an inner world.
  • If you chose the numbers 10 or 15, you adapt well to life, and you are quiet with respect to those at your side.
  • Number 14: you are falling into an emotional abyss. Most likely that you are going through an internal crisis.
  • The number 20 generally is chosen by persons with high self-esteem, born leaders who want all listen.
  • Did you choose the number 16? Are you tired of having to support another person? But is it possible that you have seen the number 17 embraces you? In this case, you are likely to know that you are surrounded by attention.
  • If you chose the number 18 priorities in your life are balanced, and yet you feel that your career or job could be better, you’re fine because, as in the case of number 17, you are getting attention and you know how to be a good friend. You prefer the certainty about what you currently have than an expectation of what might have.
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