Why Are the Buttons of Men’s and Women’s Shirts Placed on Opposite Sides?

Have you ever noticed that the buttons of men’s shirts are sewn on the right, while on women’s shirts on the left? Is this a type of design or is it a way to highlight once again how different we are?

The answer to this little mystery is much more interesting than you think and wants to share it with you.

No Strings Attached Shirt Picture

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It turns out that the difference between the shirts of men and women appeared in the thirteenth century when the buttons were invented.
At the time, only women who were rich could afford this invention, considered so fashionable in those times. At the same time, all women from wealthy families had servants that wore very clean shirts every day. That’s why the women’s shirts buttons are located on the left, so the maids could button them more easily (taking into account the most people are right – handed). While men dressed themselves, the buttons from their shirts were on the right, so that it was easier to close them without any outside help.

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