How to Make Love Last a Lifetime

Make Love Last

Iris Ruth Pastor, writer and television presenter, is at her fifth decade of being married to her husband Stephen. In her blog, she writes that there was a time when they wandered to the edge of hatred but, in time, they realized that negative feelings can be mitigated, constantly working on themselves and their attitude towards the couple. publishes tips that helped her and her husband to live together so long, respecting and loving each other.

Praise Progress

  • Never forget the magic of the first encounter, especially in the days when you think that all the magic is gone forever and seems to have no turning back. Always believe that this magic will return.

Always Hold On To Your Promises

  • You are happy to be married to a person who accepts you with all your interests, but sometimes you say something you’d rather not hear or feel.
  • Do not let household chores or work make you bored and grumpy, seduction plays a vital role in your marriage. Give your partner the time he deserves, some other things can always wait.

Thinking Of Something

  • The fact that you thought of something does not mean you should say it out loud; keep that thought for you or drop it and set it free.
  • Make a push towards sport and healthcare. Put the gym bag, shoes or lycra sweatshirts in a place that is in your partner’s sight; on the way to the garage, for example; but never impose it.

Agree With Partner

  • How would you live your last day with your partner if you could plan everything in advance? Get organized and make your plans reality.
  • The conversations you have with your friends do not have to include a list of what hurts you and the most modern methods that heal your feeling and your soul. Just relax.
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Thankful Couple

  • There is nothing bad to argue or complain, but do not force your partner to be your personal therapist.
  • Prepare a surprise dinner; whether you are male or female, those little details nurture your relationship.
  • Do not abuse the phrase “I am prepared to hear any truth you tell me,” if you’re not really ready for anything.

Thankful Couple

  • Buy a frame and hang your picture on the wall, or put it on your desk.
  • Have you ever written a love letter? Try it!
  • On every birthday occasion, toast to something that surprised you this year.

Couple Talk

  • Don’t take photos that you see on social networks too serious, it often seems that everyone except you and your partner, do well. Do not let that fool you or question such publications.

Glass Wine Couple

  • If you received a card that touched you heart, put it in a visible place.
  • When you return home from work, pay attention not only to what he says, but also how you say it. Body language reflects very well the mood of your partner.
  • Do not you consider the opinions of others.

Compare Marriage

  • Choose why you want to fight a battle: maybe it’s not worth fighting over the pile of papers on the desk, underwear in the shower or purchases made over the weekend; each one of us is master of his own actions and his life, so if you want to express something about it, just dialogue.
  • Find an activity that is interesting to both of you and enjoy it as a couple.

Remember Love

  • Practice dancing with your partner on a slow song in the living room of the house, at least occasionally … Why not?
  • Focus on the whole, no one is perfect.
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