Look Mom, I Learned How to Swim

Look Mom I Managed To Swim

Image how it’s like to be swimming in a sea full of people, it could be tons of fun but it could also be like a horror movie. This photo was taken in 2011 and it portrays how China’s Dead Sea has welcomed nearly a million visitors to escape the summer heat.

The Chinese Dead Sea is a famous like that is many times more saltier than the ocean.

Checkout the Commentary Below for Some Good Laughs:

Reporter: So, how do you deal with natural resources?
Government: We strive to make sure they are protected by enclosing them in a wall and charging you to enjoy them.

Reporter: Why would you want to stop the public from freely enjoying natural resources?
Government: You have not yet seen the great wall? It was not to stop invading armies, but to stop the other countries men from freely enjoying our women. We built a toll booth in it and collected the fees depending on how many women they wanted to collect.

Reporter: Given the pollution problems seen in China, I find it hard to believe that this is to protect natural resources. It seems more like a way to exploit people.
Government: Well, since this is not an evil democratic system, then all natural resources are owned by the government. Since it is ours, we believe that if others want to enjoy it, they must do just like consumer enterprises, pay us to use the service. For the pollution problem, we also have a way to deal with that. Later this year you will see our new “air bubble” campaign put in place.

Reporter: So, you are saying that now people must pay you to be able to breath clean air?
Government: Who said anything about clean?

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