The Worst Thing About Being Lied to Is Simply Knowing You Weren’t Worth the Truth

Being Lied To Truth

Why is being betrayed painful? In actuality, it only feels that way when the person who betrayed you is somebody you deeply trust because you expect to receive the same trust and honesty.

Know your worth, know your core.

But let’s face it! Everybody lies. When people do, they do it for a reason. Regardless, they do it out of personal choice and free will. Still, somebody’s dishonesty is not something that you can control.

What comes out from my mouth is a reflection of who I am as a person. The same thing goes with you, and with everyone else. A person can willingly or unwillingly tell you a fact or a fallacy. And whatever is chosen is already something of his or her accountability as a human being.

Keeping Secrets From Each Other

Some of my relationships in the past have crashed down to an unhappy end because of a kept secret, a little white lie or even a major fabrication of facts. The pain comes not from the act of dishonesty itself, but the implication of the lack of trust.

In some of those instances, I was certain I didn’t have to take on an equally deceptive revenge to get even. I just journeyed through the inevitable pain and chose to forgive. There are no perfect relationships after all. And some of them are worth giving another chance to grow and flourish.

You just have to know that your worth is not dependent on others but on your unshakeable core. Focus on building stronger relationships instead. Know that the greatest foundation is trust.

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