12 Inspiring Traits of the Extraordinary Brilliant People

12 Inspiring Traits Of The Extraordinary Brilliant People

Most likely you already had to deal with a friend or relative who loves to say that he is smarter than average number of people. Most of the time, who claims this isn’t actually too smart or brilliant…

A fool thinks he is wise, but the wise man knows he is a fool. – Shakespeare Share on X

To prove these words, scientists discovered the Dunning-Kruger effect, a phenomenon whereby less intelligent people consider themselves smarter than others.

And you, what do you think of yourself? Today, shows some points that you can use to score your intelligence. Check out the following traits and see which ones you identify with.

Knowing How to Play a Musical Instrument

Kid Playing The Drums

Kid Playing The Drums – © MusicianFriend

Many studies show that learning to play music is really good for children’s development. A study says that with only a month of music class, children from 4 to 6 years of age showed better performance in tests and also began studying keenly.

If you played an instrument as a child, feel smart, because you probably are.

Being the Eldest Child

The Eldest Child

The Eldest Child © Wishingmoon

Another study says that older children have an IQ slightly higher than their younger siblings. That is why older children usually have a little more success in their professional life.

Being in Good Physical Shape

Running Treadmill

Running on the Treadmill © Active

In 2006, an unusual study that determined an interesting connection was published: the wider the waist of a person, the more their cognitive abilities are likely to be low. According to another study, children who showed worse results in tests at the age of 11 are more likely to be overweight when they get 40 years old. So, likelihood is that students who make good notes as children may take care of their lifestyle and physical shape later as adults too.

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Drinking Breast Milk

Scientists from Britain and New Zealand observed about 3000 children and found that babies who were fed breast milk scored an average of 7 points higher on IQ tests than those who were not fed breast milk. This relationship applies only to those who have a certain gene; the relationship between this gene and nursing is not yet known.

Reading Habit

Girl Knowing How To Read

Girl Knowing How To Read ©FreedomToTeach

Did you like reading ever since you were small? It’s most likely that you have a keen mind.

In a survey 2,000 pairs of twins and children were studied who learned to read quickly and took better grades in school. The authors conclude that a child who begins to read when he’s very young shows great improvement in verbal and nonverbal skills.

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Being Curious

A business psychology professor at the University of London concluded that curiosity is a very important feature of intelligent individuals. People who are curious have a more sophisticated type of thought process, in addition, they like discovering new things and experiment most of the time.

Worrying Too Much

Woman Worry

Worrying too much? ©GettyImages

There is a huge amount of research that shows that people who worry a lot can be smarter than others.

Perhaps because they tend to think of the consequences and try to always do the job in the best way possible.

Being a Tall Person

Researchers of Princeton University, one of the most prestigious in the United States have shown that taller children perform better in school and as adults, earn more money than their shorter colleagues.

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So straighten your back and, if you are tall, feel smarter.

Preferring Disorder

Toddler Bathroom Fun

Toddler Bathroom Fun ©KidsSpot

Several researches claim that a creative disorder serves as a kind of ‘fuel’ for the mind of creative people. So do not terrify your inspiration with a general cleaning, clutter can make you a smarter person.

Being Left-Handed

There are studies that say that among the right handed there is a majority of left-handed individuals as well. This data has not been fully proven yet.

However, some research has shown that left-handed people are more likely to have divergent thinking, i.e. a form of creative thinking in solving problems and tasks. People who use their left hand are generally more creative and know how to solve complicated situations easily.

Knowing How to Have Fun

Bruce Almighty Niagara Falls

Bruce Almighty Niagara Falls ©Universalstudios

Many studies show that a sense of humor and intelligence are interrelated and are characterized as the most desired qualities by majority of people. In a survey, around 400 students took an intelligence test and then had to invent fun phrases for movie scenes. Guess who wrote the most humorous phrases?

Being More Active at Night

Mickey S Fun Wheel

Being active at night ©HorsingAroundInLA

It is strange, but it happens that people who are night ‘Owls’ (sleep and wake up late) have a higher level of intelligence than early risers. Working and being productive at night is not something natural.

Thus, scientists have concluded that intelligent people tend to sleep late because in this way they are able to push the limits of their abilities.

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