The Importance of Missing Someone

The Importance Of Missing Someone

When we love, we want to be all the time next to our special someone. There are different types of love, you can love your wife, your husband, your family, your friend, and many others. If your heart decides to give, it seems that nothing is better than being beside our loved ones. Well, your heart is right to some extent.

Being close to those we love awakens many psychological motivational processes associated with well-being, security, and pleasure. The proximity also activates physiological processes that are good for the body. Nevertheless, missing someone has its advantages, and this feeling may be even more productive and necessary than being beside the beloved. Today, somewhat explains what are the psychological positive implications that the longing of our love can cause.

There are great psychological reasons why you should spend more time away from those who love. This does not mean that you should distance yourself when you already have plans to be with the other person, it simply means that when you are alone or have the opportunity to spend some time with yourself or with new people, enjoy missing loved people, and thus put into practice the three processes below that will improve your love relationships.

1. It strengthens the bond with loved ones

The time you spend away from loved ones is as important as the time you spend next to them to build a solid relationship based on love, not on dependency. When you feel homesick and want to be close to a loved one, your brain strengthens the idea of ​​well-being and security. If you feel vulnerable or slightly sad when the other person is not on your side, it is a good sign. Our mind automatically associates the presence of the other to a good stimulus and this makes the reunion much happier than the simple habit of seeing the other person.

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When we are away from our loved ones and we feel the feeling of nostalgia within us, we allow our brain to perform a natural function for it: beautify and enhance the idea of ​​the other through memory. We look for a way to meet with the other person and keeping them next to us. Thus, this activates the motivation and desire, without you realizing it.

In other words, when you are away from those you love, everything reminds you of someone else, and this allows your bond with her becomes even greater.

2. It enables you to take care of your inner world

Just as life makes sense the deep love relationships we have with loved ones, and your relationship with them make up one of the axes that keep your emotional balance, being alone is as important as being at their side for their psychological well-being.

If you only feel happy around other people, it means that you are a very emotional and empathic person, but you are in danger of always depending on others. Your inner world is a sacred place that should be cultivated to achieve harmony. When you feel nostalgic for others, you have the opportunity to ‘fill’ the void created by the absence with moments of happiness you for you.

3. It strenghtens yourself

When you miss the loved ones, you are out of your comfort zone, you feel nostalgic, sad and perhaps lost. Great! This means that there is a whole new challenging world around you, so you can adapt and develop new skills. If the person you always trust is not close, take this opportunity to grow, create new connections and explore new and uncharted territories. This strengthens you emotionally and mentally.

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Missing is not automatically synonymous with sadness. If, instead of thinking, you start exploring all the advantages that the distance can offer, you will find not only peace of mind to face the challenge of being away, but will also take ownership of valuable psychological tools that will help you grow emotionally to be able to structure healthier, solid and lasting relationships.

Now that you know what to do when your loved ones are not around, take this opportunity to improve your relationship with them. Thus, the embrace of reunion will be stronger and more welcoming.

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