Those That Put Their Ideas Into Actions Are the Successful Ones

Great Ideas Action Suceess

The mind is the most valuable asset a human being has and if used correctly it works wonders. Everything we have today was a mere idea before its existence. The airplane was an idea, the fan was an idea, the car, the tv, even the spoon was an idea. But these are those kinds of ideas that have been worked on. Thousands of ideas come in our minds at different times and places but not everyone tries to implement them. Those who do, leave the others in awe. Its not necessary that an idea will get successful in the first shot. Sometimes you get to try and try until you see the results.

Everyone has great ideas. The ones who put those ideas into action are the successful ones.

Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC, when first presented his recipe got rejected by the owners of many restaurants. His recipe was rejected 1009 times but he kept trying. 9 years later, there were 600 KFC outlets in USA.

Then there’s Walt Disney, he got fired from the newspaper agency because they thought that he lacked imagination and his ideas were unoriginal. Now he is known as the founder of Disney and Mickey mouse. He has won 22 academy awards. There are many others on this list who not only had great ideas but they also believed in them. When you first attempt to implement your ideas, you are faced with rejection, sarcasm and you are looked down upon. Before anyone starts to have faith in you, you should have faith in your own self. This is very important.

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Kids Have Limitless Imagination and Ideas

I personally think that kids have the best ideas because their imagination is vivid. There are no boundaries to their imagination. Kids ideas might seem stupid and fantasized to many of us but if you observe carefully, there is something important hidden. You might see them making cat house with cardboard boxes, old pieces of wood, their toys and whatever they can find. I have seen kids making the stuff themselves and believe me; they are literally more creative than adults. Those cat houses could be turned into a small business with small fixtures here and there.

The other day, one kid, 6 years old was telling me how he would build a city and there will be a train station and hospital and shops and so on. He could make a whole miniature of a city if given the things in his hands, seriously. Their imagination always runs wild and especially the kids nowadays are getting really smart because they are using the technology since they are born and they get exposed to multiple things at a time. As we grow old we get used to ignoring our ideas because we have so many other things to worry about. Still, there are some individuals who implement their ideas and get really successful.

Like they say, dare to be different! That does not mean wear eccentric clothes or look different or behave differently. That means, do something that makes you stand out from rest of the crowd. You will look around and find many of the ideas turned into successful projects like “do it yourself”, IKEA, and there’s very latest one (I am sure it will be a big hit in near future) that ask the kids to draw the designs on a page, then those designs are printed on the real shirts and the kids get to wear their imagination. How cool is that?
So, if next time an idea comes to your mind, just write it down and start working on it. There is no such thing like “impossible” in this world.

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