See How Hyper Reality Might Look Like in a Not So Distant Future

A short film series created by Keiichi Matsuda shows a future dream project of saturating reality with technology and media. The video shows use of latest laser technology for social communications as well as for all the communication that take place through our cells, mails and other means in a visual from. You can play games on the screen which seems to be in the air. The nontangible laser screen is in the air and it can detect your touch. It can link you to the apps which can choose jobs for you that best suit your personality. Face to face Job interviews take place. The problem might occur if your boss pops up in front of you from nowhere. Furthermore, you can actually SEE all your apps in real instead of finding them in your phone.

Hyper reality is a super virtual form of our real world, with everything overlayed on top of it. The girl is making phone calls through the same device, browsing, studying, and looking for the job, managing social networks and much more all at the same time while doing her shopping. This concept does not seem exaggerated with so much advancement recently in the field of technology, especially in gadgets and devices. There are certain points that are required for hyper reality devices to work.

You can be anywhere with anyone, anytime you want. Hassle free contact with the troubleshooting team without waiting in a long queue or waiting over the phone. Google is always with the person everywhere you go so you can just type in their queries and search for anything you want. The world is much more joyful and alive when we are living in an augmented reality. When she got bruised she got the first aid from the nearest available station.

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This video project is just an idea right now but we can visualize it coming into a solid form someday with a plethora of its benefits and downsides such as drifting people away from nature and the real world.

Watch the Video for Hyper Reality

What do you think? Are we that far away considering the Oculus headset, Hololens and others in the field?

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