Homeschooling Research Study

Homeschooling Parenting Study
UPDATE 15 FEB: The survey is now closed, we are working on compiling the data and writing the final report. To receive the final report feel free to subscribe below. Thanks!

UPDATE 13 APR: We have finished compiling the results and stats that we gathered, download the full report on this page: See the Insights into Home Education – Homeschooling Research 2017

Welcome, we’re excited to have you here! Are you a parent? Have you heard about homeschooling? That’s great, we need your opinion!

Pinterest Homeschooling Survey

Now what?

Take our survey, we promise it won’t take more than a couple of minutes and YOU’ll help make the world a better place. Here are the benefits of participating:

  • You’ll have a chance of contributing to a well-made research study about the status of homeschooling in your country.
  • The final research paper with the research insights will be sent out to all the major parenting publications online and offline, helping people get a better understanding on HS and spreading the word about the benefits of HS
  • You’ll be eligible to receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card. We’re giving away 10 x $50 gift cards so there’s a fair chance of winning.

Can I see a Preview of the Survey?

We know some people are suspicious so we’ve prepared this preview. The animation has a demo of “John Doe” taking the survey from start to finish.

Homeschooling Study Recording

Why Should I Participate in This Survey?

  • Participating is 100% free and all your responses are anonymous.
  • By participating you’ll help other parents better assess the public opinion about homeschooling.
  • After we finish building the report we’ll be sending it to the main publications and bloggers on parenting.
  • You could win a $50 Amazon Gift Card (see below)

The report will contain insightful graphics, ideas and experiences from  The Homeschooling Survey.

How Can I Win One of the Giftcards?

Amazon Gift Card 50 Dollars
The people that do enter their email address into the survey will also be eligible to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card. We’re giving away 10 vouchers that have a total value of $500, so there’s a strong chance you’ll win if entering.

Your personal details won’t be shared with anyone, we strongly care about privacy.

I Only Want the Final Report

If you don’t have the time to do this survey now (it only takes 3.5 minutes) you can leave your email address here and we’ll email you as soon as the final study is ready.

Start the Survey

Click the following button and you’ll be taken to the survey. Filling the entire won’t take longer than 5 minutes, pinky promise 😉

In our tests, the average response time from start to end was around 3.5 minutes.

How Can I Help?

Glad you’ve asked! We’ve prepared special links that you can use in order to spread the word about our homeschooling research.

Click one of the following (the more the merrier) to share the survey with your friends.

Homeschooling Study

Our wonderful supporters

I wish to thank all the people that have decided to help with gathering responses! Without further adieu, thank for pitching in and sharing:

You’ve Made It to the End

Do you still have questions? We’re here and we’re listening, send us an email using the contact page, we’ll be glad to answer any query you might have.


* This study is being run by Wisdom Ninja and is totally self-funded. Participation in this promotion is subject to the official rules.

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