Home-Buying Horrors Everyone Should Know

Home Buying Horrors

Congratulations! I hear you are ready to make the big leap and purchase your first home! Purchasing a home can be a very exciting time.

There are so many things to look forward to.

Things like setting up your kitchen, creating your personalized living space, and even vacuuming for the first time. It feels so nice to have a home to call your own.

I remember my first home. It was a three bedroom, two bath condo in a nice complex. Everything with the inspection had gone perfectly and I absolutely had the funds in lock.

I remember the days before move-in day very well. I had purchased bags upon bags of supplies for the new home. All of the supplies lined the walls of my home at the time. Many boxes were packed and I was ready for my first home!

Then came a large strike of reality and things didn’t go as I had planned.

Buying a home can be a very rewarding process, but nothing is secure until after the papers are signed.

HOA Fumbles

My almost first home had an HOA (home owner association). The HOA had done a nice job of keeping the building kept up and they were about to put a new roof on the building.

Living in Colorado, roofs need to be replaced often as they succumb to hail damage every year.

Two days before closing, the underwriters for my loan noticed something very concerning about the complex’s HOA.

The HOA had over spent and did not have the funds they needed to maintain or repair the building.

They uncovered that the HOA planned to hit all of the owners with a huge fee to fix the roof and for other repairs.

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Needless to say, the underwriters knew this was not a deal to make. Spending habits are hard to break and they believed that the complex would continue charging large amounts to their owners.

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So, I gathered all of my receipts, returned all the items I had purchased, and moved on.

DIY’s Gone Wrong

The next house, was a bit of a fixer upper. This was so exciting to me because I love DIY’s!

From the surface, there was a bit of drywall work, and possibly a kitchen remodel to be done. The inspector came and the story was much worse than I had ever imagined. The addition in the back of the house was done very poorly. In fact, it wasn’t even level. You’d think I would have been able to notice that.

Additionally, one of the owners of the house DIY’s many fixes to the plumbing and electrical that were not to code and were actually fire hazards.

By the end of the inspection, the verdict was that the main part of the house had a good structure. That was it. Just a good structure. The house was in such poor condition that even the inspector told me not to buy it.

So much for my little fix-up.

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Water Damage

Ok, third time’s a charm right?

After the last fall out with the house, I decided to try for a condo once again. It’s a great option. Community pool, low maintenance, just perfect.

This condo was a two bedroom condo but was significantly cheaper than the first condo had been. In fact, I would have been able to pay cash for this condo. Home prices were extremely low at the time.

This time, I knew more of what to expect in an inspection so I did a pretty good check before having an inspector come out to the condo.

Everything was going great.

The kitchen was in good shape, windows were all great. Then we get to the bathroom. At first glance, everything looks normal.

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Then, the inspector put his hand on the shower wall and it moved.

Yes, the wall moved.

This could only mean one thing. Water damage and rotting.

Oh boy, here we go again.,,

Once we noticed the water, it was all we could notice. Water had seeped from the upstairs condo through the walls. The top foot of all of the walls had previous water damage that was covered up with a fresh coat of paint.

The question was, has the leak been fixed? With no way of knowing and with the leak technically not being part of the property, the only safe option was to back out of the offer.

Cosmetically Challenged

The fourth and final home was the nicest of them all. It was a 1500 square foot house with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. There were a few minor issues at the inspection but otherwise, everything was great.

That is, except the counters, floors, cabinets, and wall color.

But, I’d wanted a fix up. This home was just perfect for me to have a well structured home with some cosmetic fixes.

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The first few years I worked to get the home up to my desires. I painted the walls and the kitchen cabinets, ordered new hard wood floors, and installed new vanities, mirrors, and lights in the bathroom.

So, after all that, I own my home and have it designed exactly how I like.

Since everything is perfect, of course, it ends up being time to move.

My New Home Site

Nick and me at the construction site

This time it’s exciting because my new home is being built from scratch.

Here’s to crossing my fingers that everything goes well and that the deal doesn’t fall through!

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