How to Be Happy Doing What You Love to Do

How To Be Happy

Everyone has a hidden talent. Some people have inborn abilities for certain skills like painting, some have the disposition to acquire that skill, which means that they are not naturally good at something like drawing but they can learn it quickly. Interest also plays an important role in acquiring the skill.

If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life. – Abraham Maslow

Many of the people nowadays are unhappy despite having fulfilled all their life needs. They have food, home, family, respect and everything a person can ask for according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs but still they are dissatisfied with life. The root cause of this uneasy feeling throughout the life is that they haven’t found their hidden potential.

No one can be self-actualized until they know their capabilities. Some people are natural born leaders, they can administrate and lead. Some are born writers; they have a lot of abstract thoughts. Some are born painters, they have mental images as clear and sharp as we see with our eyes. Some are athletes, they have high levels of energy and good body shape, and they are always on the go.

With every ability, there are some identifiable symptoms that indicate the potential a person has. Sometimes people will reach their full potential if they are lucky enough. Otherwise, everyone has to spend the time and find their potential. If a person is living his life without realizing his potential, he is wasting his life and can never be satisfied, unless he finds it and starts utilizing it.

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Identify What You Love Doing

Some people are very good mentors but they aren’t even aware of this. Then it all comes down to what you love doing. That thing that makes you feel happy. It can be spending time in your garden planting veggies and potting flowers. It can be cooking in the kitchen with spices and sauces all around. It can be spreading colors on the canvas or repairing machine parts. There can be various things that different individuals enjoy. It can even be solving math equations.

You just need to find that one thing you love doing. If you haven’t discovered it yet, just keep on trying different things. You will soon stumble upon one thing that your heart will desire to keep doing. For your ease, make a list of things to try. Practice singing, playing piano or something in the category of music. Then write quotes that come to your mind, if any, short stories or anything that has to do with writing.

Make a List of Things You Are Good At

Work Today Success Tomorrow

Try playing a sport or two maybe? When creating a list there will be numerous options. Write everything down and keep an open mind. Pour all ideas out at once. Later on, you can cross the ones you really don’t like. That will leave you with the favorable options.

Some people who find it hard to pinpoint their exact ability or potential, usually have some unique trait like predicting things with small bits of information available. They have this natural ability to accurately predict the future based on tiny bits of clues. There are various unique abilities like this one. Once you find it and start using it you will become the happiest person in life because we usually enjoy doing things we are good at.

There are various unique abilities like this one. Once you find it and start using it you will become the happiest person in life because we usually enjoy doing things we are good at.

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