10 Tips to Fall Asleep Faster and Wake Up Fresh as a Daisy

Tips Fall Asleep Wake U

Are you somebody lying down in bed, facing the ceiling and can not sleep?

Are you thinking round and round until its time to get back on your feet?

Do you usually get a couple hours of sleep and then you stay up until the sun rises? has decided to investigate the issue and to bring you a list of 10 simple steps that you can follow in order to fall asleep faster and wake up refreshed.

1. Try Not to Have Television, Tablets or Phones at Your Resting Place

It is very difficult to sleep when you have facebook notifications illuminating your mobile screen or if you are hooked on watching the final season of your favorite TV series. Put your mobile away from where you sleep and turn off the TV.

Put your mobile away from where you sleep and turn off the TV. Share on X

2. Before Sleeping, Be Grateful

Many times we try hard to fall asleep because, in our head, hover outstanding problems and issues for another day. Stop your negative thoughts with a good dose of positivism making a mental list of all the things for which you can thank life.

3. Drink a Glass of Hot Milk With Honey

Recipe certified by grandmothers, milk contains nutrients that help the body to dose off.

4. Do Not Eat Too Much

A meal rich in protein, fat and flour will not let you fall asleep and, what is worse, it will not let you have a peaceful sleep. Try to take dinner in a moderate amount so you can have a blissful sleep.

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5. Do Some Exercise

Sometimes, you may not be able to sleep because of excess energy. If you do a little exercise before going to bed, your body will be exhausted and will happily embrace your blankets.

6. Listen Mantras

If you have trouble falling asleep, look for a playlist of mantras to help you relax. Mantras are powerful messages for your mind to enter peacefully.

7. Find the Ideal Climate

It may happen that too much cold or too hot prevent you from sleep. Find a way to have the perfect climate in your resting place and so you can sleep like a baby.

8. Take a Hot Bath

Taking a warm bath before bed will make you feel that fatigue of the day is going down the shower drain. If it seems too difficult to take a bath, you can wash your face with warm water and pollution of the street and tensions are washed off as well.

9. Wear Comfortable Clothes

If you sleep with tight clothing on which does not let you move freely, it will be difficult to fall asleep quickly. Use baggy pajamas or you can even sleep naked, science says it’s beneficial.

10. Stretch!

If you had a very tense day, it’s better to do some stretching before bed. This will cause your muscles to relax. Strechcoach has a great article on stretching techniques.

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