Failure Is Unavoidable, but You Should Keep Trying Until You Succeed

I Can Accept Failure Everyone Fails At Something But I Cant Accept Not Trying

Failure is unavoidable. No one can boast about being successful in everything. Great feats have been accomplished after overcoming a series of failures. People have reached to heights of great successes by trying to do better and better every day. If they would have been discouraged by failures and had quit trying they would never have done what they could do.

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” – Michael Jordan

Hence, whenever I undertake a new task I promise myself to keep on trying until I succeed. I never say no to a task because I feel I may fail.

The Math Problems Example

I remember the days of my childhood. Solving a numerical problem was greatly dissatisfying. Most of the times, I arrived at the wrong answers and was declared a failure. I thought of giving up maths altogether and forever. However, I thought of giving my attempts a second chance. I tried to learn the techniques of correct solutions and soon became adept at solving math problems.

This lesson that I learnt in childhood became my strong inspiration. I came to know that I cannot say no to any difficult task just for the fear of failing. I understand that I will succeed only if I try. Tasks can be difficult but nothing is impossible. Maybe I may not succeed in the very first attempt or the next few attempts. But if I go on trying I will certainly succeed.

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