It’s All About the Emotional Scars. Be Kind to All People!

Emotional Scars Be Kind

It’s not about the physical wounds we have, but it’s the emotional scars that are difficult to bear and heal.

People who have experienced emotional hurt do not worry about physical wounds because they know that something much dreadful exists. While physical scars can damage skin, flesh or bones at the extreme level; the emotional wound can disturb your psyche and pierce your soul. They are difficult to heal because it takes years. No medicines or treatments have been devised for the emotional injuries.

When someone is physically injured, everyone takes good care of them because the wounds are manifested on the surface. They get the required attention too.

But when it comes to the latent scars that nobody can see, the intangible wounds that a person carries everywhere; they never get taken care of. The person has to take care of the hidden scars himself and to fight the daily battle against them. You cannot even cry or ask for favors when you are emotionally wounded because they don’t show. So a person has to keep appearing normal like they have no pain in their life.

Until only at night, when you are all by yourself, you get a chance to open up your wounds once again and look at them. The night passes by and you struggle to heal it, to fight against your own demons. Next day you wake up again, burying the exhausted warrior inside you. The surface is smooth and clear like a river after the storm has passed. No one would ever know what the river endured or what’s going on inside it.

Not all scars show. Not all wounds heal. Sometimes you can’t see, the pain someone feels. – Lisa French

That’s why it’s said: be patient and gentle with everyone because you may never know what battles they are fighting. Just one negative remark, judgment or criticism can make them bleed because they might already be bruised.

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Those who have been wounded know very well how it feels, so you may find a great amount of kindness in the broken hearts. After all, all treasure is always buried in the ruins. They may appear bitter on the surface sometimes but the nice person that’s hiding inside can always be revealed with appropriate treatment and time. It’s only then that you really you get to know them.

The most beautiful eyes usually hide the most pain inside. The lips that smile all the time might have felt the most pain. It’s not easy to be delicate in a world so harsh.

Nevertheless, its also true that once you succeed in healing your emotional pain, no force in this world can break you after that. Like the saying goes, ‘’I have never met a strong person with an easy past’’.

It makes you strong and you become closer to your own self in the process of healing. Its like Alchemy of the soul because human suffering and pain lead one to search for God and if you succeed in finding Him; your soul sublimes and you become your higher self.

You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens.” – Rumi

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