Education Is Not Expensive, Ignorance Is!

Education Expensive Ignorance

While generally true, it all depends on the kind of education that you are receiving. You should always take everything with a grain of salt, think twice about what you are taught. Never stop questioning what you are taught, that way you’ll reach a higher understanding of everything.

If you think education is expensive try ignorance. – Derek Bok

Noam Chomsky seems to believe that Education is Ignorance. According to his words mass education has been adopted in order to turn the farmers into docile, passive fools of production. Read more of what he thinks SchoolingTheWorld.

According to an article on BigThink the more education people have, the more ignorant they may be. Ignoring our ignorance and assuming we know much more than we actually do seems to be a universal human tendency.

Another point of view is that ignorance will cost you a lot more than having knowledge from the start. If you don’t know a lot of things, it will negatively impact your future and has costly effects, whereas having education will save you from those pitfalls.

It’s been scientifically demonstrated that we tend to resist recognizing when we have a vacuum of knowledge. We think we know a lot more than we do. And we make stuff up, often without realizing it, just to assure our egos that we are good enough and smart enough. The lack of education and awareness can be unendingly rehashed and quickly spread.I t has a tendency to be rejected and belittled by those in a position to know not: it starts to grab hold and turn into a sort of universality, by which point the harm is difficult to fix.

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A lot of dumb mistakes that could be avoided has a monetary cost associated with it.

  • I didn’t know the water was that deep. (Car floating in the distance)
  • I didn’t know you had to add oil. (%800 to replace motor)
  • I didn’t think going to school was worth it. (50 years old and still making minimum wage)
  • I didn’t know smoking was bad. ( dying of lung cancer)
  • I didn’t I was pregnant. I only had sex that one time.
  • Didn’t use a condom because he said he had a vasectomy. (Now has HIV)
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