You Can Always Take the Easy Way Out, Real Strength Comes When You Decide to Keep Pushing

Easy Way Keep Pushing

Life is like a journey. You may think of it as a road that stretches far away in front of us. When we think of a road, it comes off in our mind as straight or with a little curve in the middle but unfortunately the road of life is full of bumps, trenches, and rough spots.

You can always take the easy way out & give up but real strength comes when you decide to keep pushing no matter what the circumstances are.

We are all set to achieve our goals and feeling very optimistic and strong when everything is going right, but when the storm starts to shake the calm sea of our life and our boat starts moving right to left, then is the real test of our perseverance. Every day and each moment is a fight. You have to struggle through the day trying to appear normal, fighting the fights nobody knows about.

Your emotions come to haunt you while you try to defend yourself like a fierce warrior. But the struggles are not there just to play for a while, they are as determined as you thought you are. They stick to your life like those tough stains on the clothes. Even when you try to wash them they are dimmed a little but not cleaned off completely. Then what do you do? You bleach the clothes. Bleach is always harsh on clothes, it can either tear them or decolorize them or it can clean them like there never was a stain. Problems are also like that bleach; they can either tear us apart or make us brighter than before.

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Some of us are like those fragile clothes that are very easy to tear. We quit after some time of struggle because it seems like the easiest option at the moment but its not. Death is never easy, its horrible but because we haven’t tasted it; we assume that it will liberate us from all the pain and suffering. As a weak human being, we decide to give up but it’s not entirely an individual’s fault. People are good at giving advice, but they never show a person the way to integrate that in his life. For instance, it’s easy to say be patient, be determined, never give up, don’t lose hope etc. But the question is HOW?

The individual who has given up and decided to die has not made such a big decision without thinking over and over. He must have consulted the literature, books; he must have asked others about the solution. Until at last, he couldn’t find a way out because preaching is easier than providing an action plan.

Nevertheless, one should also keep in mind that he is responsible for his own well-being and not others. Keeping that in mind, you can formulate a thorough action plan for your own self. The first step is determination and how you think you can be more determined in life?

Just write down all your problems on a paper so you have a clear idea of whatever is bothering you. Then first change is the shift in perspective, it starts with your mind. Change your thoughts. Instead of thinking about what went wrong, focus on what can be made right.

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Self-pity leads to self-destruction. Get it out from your system because no one in this world is accountable for your happiness except you. You have to become rough and stop thinking that you cannot take it anymore or you have had enough. You can take more than this and if it doesn’t make you feel better then go search for the tragic lives of people who saw way more misery than you but still surviving.

Repeat many times each day to yourself that I am quite strong, tell that to others until saying becomes believing. Good luck!

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