Science Explains Why Children Behave Better With Others Than With Their Own Mothers

Sleeping Mom With Baby

Mothers often leave their children at home with a family member or even with their dads and receive high praise for their excellent behavior. Then, of course, their mind is telling them the following: “This is not my son, you’ve changed him.” found a study that confirms that children behave worse with their mothers than with other adults.

The Department of Psychology at the University of Washington conducted a research which studied 500 families and measured the children taking into account the following variables: complaints, cries, screams, attempted coups, acting awkward, forgetting how to walk or talk.

Dr. KP Leibowitz, author of the study explains:

What we found was that children eight months old could be playing happily and if their mothers were to suddenly enter the room, they began to mourn, to release their anger and need to ask for immediate attention. This happened in 99.9% of children. The 0.1%  left was for a vision impaired child. Hearing her mother’s voice, she began to throw things and to order food despite having just eaten. Truly fascinating.

Research showed that 100% of children were more sensitive to the instructions they usually receive if they came from someone else other than their mother. Instead, to achieve the same results, mothers had to raise their tone. Many mothers ask, “How often do you have to ask things over 3 times in order for them to listen? For their dad, once is enough.“.

According to Dr. Leibowitz, the cause of this bad behavior is the smell that masks the natural pheromones mothers release in order to give their children “relief”.

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It is, as skilled hunters suggest, our children smell our presence and display their need for mom, to give and provide their much-needed relief.

With this scientific, sweet and Machiavellian explanation you can understand why your children behave so different towards you and their dads.

Is this happening to you as well?

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