How You Look When Your Child Is Picking Your Clothes

How You Look When Your Child Is Picking Your Clothes

A mother left her child to choose his own clothes for a week. Most of the time, if not always, parents choose the clothes for their children and dress them up. And what if it was the other way around? This happened to the mother of a family who wanted to do an experiment with her child. The team laughed a lot when seeing this.

Despite her busy life, Summer always tries to dress well, you can see that in the picture below.

One day, she thought it would be fun to allow one of their children, Rockwell, that is 3 years old, chose the clothes she would wear for the period of one week. The little one became the fashion advisor for her Mom.

These are Rockwell and his brother Fenix, 2 years.

The son took the job very seriously and carefully chose every look. Here are a few.

“Rockwell chose a gray skirt, a shirt of Bob Dylan and half black pants. I said it was a good choice. I thought I’d keep this look in the future. Then he looked at my feet and brought me the shoes. I asked if he was sure those were the right ones. ” ‘Yes,” he replied without thinking twice, “And a blue coat,


Summer liked to see how his son chose the clothes. “He quickly took a piece of clothing and then thought of possible combinations.” He said that “if the dress is with flowers, half of the rest have to be flowers.” Summer liked to understand how her son was thinking.

Of course I had a bit of shame on the street, but I was surprised at the curious gaze of others. At the bus stop, a woman told me she loved my half.

That was my favorite day. The combination was a tribute to Mickey Mouse.

Why always put two identical shoes, is it obligatory?

This look was complicated. Rock decided to dress in 3 shirts at the same time. I tried to stop his creative attack and move to the legs, to the pants, but it did not work.

Until he brought two shoes and did not realize they were different.

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Amazingly, Summer realized that many of the combinations of your child can be used on a daily basis, with small adjustments. She also said that every look made her smile, and was impressed by the creativity of her child.

The idea of Summer encouraged other mothers to do the same, to play around with looks created by their children.

I am very happy to have convinced other mothers to join the diversity. It’s so good when we make others laugh, “said Summer.

When the week ended, Summer concluded that people do not care as much about our looks as we’d imagine. “We are the ones we put the limits, are we define the expectation of others. For two days, I’ve been with different shoes and no one noticed until I talked about it.

Sometimes it’s important to make space in our lives and play with our children. It is useful for ourselves and for them as well. Why so serious? They’re just clothes.

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