How to Calm Down With a Couple of Breaths, an Effective Technique of Tibetan Monks

Calm Down Breathing Exercise found some simple exercises for you that in just a couple of puffs will soothe your jangled nerves.

These techniques were implemented and proved to be very efficient by Tibetan monks.

Any breathing exercise, designed to help you relax, is based on deep breathing and good measurements.

The most basic benefit of breathing exercises is stress relief.

Some Basic Rules for Breathing Exercises

  • All breathing exercises must be made standing or lying with your back completely straight.
  • It is best to perform these exercises with your eyes closed; using the meditation techniques like guided imagery, imagining different beautiful landscapes and pleasant views.
  • It is important that you concentrate fully on the process of inhalation and exhalation.
  • Not only should you clear your mind of negative thoughts but also relax all your muscles. Pay special attention to the shoulders, neck and face muscles experience where there’s a lot of tension.
  • To calm down your nerves, do the exercises 5-10 times.
  • In the inhalation process, you have to imagine how your whole body is filling up with oxygen, new energy, and pure tranquility.
  • In the process of exhalation, you should feel that all the negativity, tension, and stress is getting out of you with every breath.
  • Sometimes during the breathing exercises, it’s recommended that repeat the statements “I am calm,” “I’m calming down,” “I am relaxing,” “I feel calm.

1. Remove Stress Quickly

Make a short but relatively deep inhalation. Then hold your breath for 4 seconds and make a full, deep and long exhalation. After this, pause for 5 seconds.

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This replenishes your lungs with oxygen.

2. Relax and Purify Your Mind

Put one hand on the forehead, the other on your neck. This position contributes to blood flow in these areas of the head helping to purify the conscience and mind of anxiety, tension, opening new ways of solving problems during stressful situations.Without taking your hands off, inhale and exhale quietly holding your breath.

Without taking your hands off, inhale and exhale quietly all while holding your breath in between.

3. Calm Your Nerves

  • Inhale deeply, then exhale through your lips. You must release the air slowly in short exhalations and feel how you breathe out from within.
  • You’ll have to induce artificial yawn. Open your mouth fully, so that the tension sits on the lower jaw, feel your lungs fill with air. Hold the breath for 2 seconds, then exhale slowly.
  • Make a complete inhalation without saving your breath and exhale through the mouth. Lips should form a circle. Release the air in short exhalations. The initial phase must be the longest; gradually the amount of air out of your lungs must decrease. Wait 5-10 seconds and repeat the exercise.

4. Play Some Background Music

Music is one of the best ways of helping you relax and relieve stress. Here’s a great tune that you should be listening in the background.

These simple exercises will teach you to be calm, just a couple of breaths are enough. Take care of your nerves, you’re the most precious person in this world!

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