Some of the Best Work of Famous Photoshop Prankster James Fridman

James Fridman is an expert photoshop designer from the USA. He has 667k followers on twitter and a large fan base following him on facebook as well.

On his facebook page, people can send him their images with specific requests to make them look ‘perfect’. James has an interesting take on making every picture unique.

He stated in his policy that those ‘who do not wish to make their photos public should not send them’.

He became famous on social media after he started manipulating illogical photo requests and making #trolls out of them.

The artist’s sense of humor is as sharp as his creativity. After all, he doesn’t seem to violate the rules, he does what he is asked for has selected some of his best ones, just scroll down and #enjoy his awesome work!

If You Wish That You Could Be a Rich, Blond American Superstar. This Is for You…

1 Photoshop American CelebrityWanna Adjust the Length of Your Legs or Arms? You Will Have to Take a Look at This Young Woman.

2 Photoshop Long Legs

Wow, just look at those #sexy legs! Share on X

James continues to edit the photos just like that.. by editing the images to look more than just ‘perfect’.

The most common request that he receives is for modifying beach pictures to improve different body parts in looks and shape through photoshop.

A Man Who Wanted to Add Some Heroic Effect to the Picture Got the Reality Effect to His Picture Instead

3 Photoshop Responsibilities

A Girl Who Wanted to Cut Off Her Friends, Never Get Rid of Your Friends!

4 Photoshop Dat

Take me out, James! Share on X
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People Need to Be Extra Careful When Making Such Requests. He Shall Be Thankful That His Picture Did Not Land on the Highway Instead.

5 Photoshop From Russia To America

Poor Girl Wanted to Look Prettier but Her Guy Got the Looks…

6 Photoshop Bigger Boobs

Stop wishing for bigger #boobs, this might happen! Share on X

People Are Never Pleased With Who They Are and How They Look

7 Photoshop Bushy Eyebrows

Trying to improve is a good thing but editing the tiniest details in the pictures is quite disturbing. No one is comfortable in their own skin.

This blonde wants to have thick ‘bushy’ eyebrows and she got them plenty.

The Lady Wanted Her Friend to Fly to Jupiter and Mars…

8 Photoshop Space Travel

Now she is traveling on the space shuttle in this pose.

Some People Are Not Comfortable With the Other’s Skin..

9 Photoshop Shav

This wife who does not like her bearded man wanted her dream to come true via photoshop by trying to shave her husband. Now she got what she asked for.. or maybe more than that.

Don't #photoshop #shave your #husband, you might get an unexpected result! Share on X

Low Self-Esteem Is Manifested in Various Forms

10 Photoshop Booty

This is another presentation of such phenomena. The girl has got a ‘balloon booty’ now to make her friends jealous. Her whole body is a booty now.

Some Requests Are Just Plain Ridiculous…

11 Photoshop Fat Loss

This woman needed her bum separated. She got it. Congratulations to new her without a bum.

This Guy Needed the Abs ‘attached’ to Him Somehow

12 Photoshop Abs

The proper way of getting #abs.. Share on X

When You Need to Make Sure That People Know You Apart From the Group

13 Photoshop Friend Blue Shirt

James placed the guy’s face all over his friend’s faces.

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Just Have a Look at All the Creativity

14 Photoshop Horror Train

A train could be a nice train which won’t hurt you

Space Has Several Meanings and Applications

15 Photoshop Spac

Want to be photoshopped into SPACE? Share on X

Touch the Ship, Not the Sheep

16 Photoshop Shi

Crime Scene

17 Photoshop Crime Scen

Thou shall not step on the grass! Share on X

A Girl Next to Me

18 Photoshop Beauty

When you just want a #beautiful girl sitting next to you.. Share on X

Craned Breasts

19 Photoshop Big Boobs

Just be happy with what mother nature gave you.. Share on X

Star Wars

20 Photoshop Chewbacca

#chewbaccafail Share on X

Happy Cleaning

21 Photoshop Window Cleaner


22 Photoshop Boobs

When You Are Being Narcissistic

23 Photoshop Remove Dud

Neck Problems

24 Photoshop Giraffe NeckMiss Legs

25 Photoshop Legs

This should blow your mind.. Share on X

Cat Tractor

26 Photoshop Cat

He Got What He Asked For… Like Others

27 Photoshop Photo

Now She Looks Like Tumblr

28 Photoshop Tumblr

Big Ben

29 Photoshop Big Ben

Photoshoping at Its Best

So, what do you think? Did I manage to make you laugh?

If yes, don’t keep it to yourself. Share this article and let others realize that they don’t need Photoshop in order to look good!

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