4k Video of Apple’s New Headquarters (Shot in October 2016)

Apple Campus October 2016 Video

Apple is expanding in business so, they felt a need to create larger Headquarters in Cupertino, California to complement its already existing campus at One Infinite Loop.

The new headquarter will cost $5 billion and the footage of construction site is gaining wide popularity on the internet because of its spaceship-like design.

Many people have started referring to it as a ‘flying saucer’ because of its unique architecture.

The new campus is nowhere near complete now but it’s getting vast recognition from all around the world.

Rob Keyes shared a developer photo which showed a model preview of how the headquarters will look like once established.
Apple Campus Concept Art To

Looking at the construction rate of headquarters, it seems like they will soon be completed. At the ‘Let us loop you in’ event in March 2016, Apple concluded their speech with a promise that new products will be launched in the new campus in 2017.

Wish I’d Work There..

The construction site for Apple’s new campus is 176 acre. So the new building will be set up in a 2.8 million square foot area. That’s quite huge! Everyone’s excited to see the progress of construction of the glorious headquarters.

According to the news and surveys, the building would have 300,000 square feet of research facilities and underground parking.

The building will be circular in design, with 4 stories and huge glass walls to allow the employees to look outside from every area in the ‘ringed’ building.

The architect for Seele, Peter Arbor, which makes glass staircases for apple stores around the world told Bloomberg that the glass used in the building is like 6 kilometers of glass. The architects of this colossal shaped building are a British firm named Foster and Partners.

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In an interview, the chairman of the company Norman Foster said that he was inspired by the architecture of London Square where a park is surrounded by houses.

This idea manifested as a huge round structure surrounding a park. According to Foster, the building didn’t have to be exactly circular or space-ship shaped (as referred by people) at the start. It was not the part of the actual plan but later on it got based that way.So

So an large circular ring surrounding a park was the result of an intensive process.

An insider told Business week that very high-quality materials have been used in the construction of the new headquarters. Apple used only environment-friendly and self-sufficient materials in the construction.

Steve Jobs wanted no paint brush strokes, gaps and seams to be showing. He wanted it all to be as smooth and clear as possible.

All of the wood used for the interiors was to be extracted from specific kind of species of Maple trees and high quality ‘Heartwood’ from the center of the trees was to be used only.

4k Video of Apple’s New Headquarters (shot in October 2016)

There are specific sections made as lobbies, caffees and entrances. A large portion of the building is occupied by a restaurant that opens up to the exterior landscape.

The parking area is buried below the landscape section to make sure that there are no rows of cars outside to spoil the view and to make the place look crowded.

All in all, the building is one of its kind and as chic and modern as the brand itself.

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The theme of the company has been specifically emphasized while modeling the architecture of the exteriors and interiors of the headquarters.

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