Angelina Jolie Is a Mysterious but Famous Teddy Bear Buyer

Angelina Jolie Teddy Bear Buyer

Two brothers, Allen and Brandon Alexander were trying to sell a huge teddy bear on a street in Los Angeles. No one stopped to look at their wares. Until they fall on a super famous and generous buyer. shares with you this story which is very touching.

The children’s father had given them a purpose: to make money for the first time. To do this, they had to sell a huge teddy bear that measured 2.5 meters.

Unfortunately, no one stopped nor shown any interest in their teddy bear. They were bored and somewhat discouraged.

Suddenly a car stopped in front of them … It was Angelina Jolie and her kid Shiloh!

Without any kind of thorough thinking, the actress bought the teddy. The children were asking for $50, but she insisted on giving the money to each of the small sellers.

Angelina spent a few minutes talking with the children and their parents. They were all happy. Then the children helped the actress put Teddy in the car.

Angelina gave support to children and we are all well reminded that it is very easy to do some good around. A nice example! You can watch the whole video on TMZ.

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