Amazing Dad Builds a Ninja Warrior Course for His Hero Daughter

Lylah, a 5 year old daughter of an outstanding American Dad should start practicing to be the next “American Ninja Warrior” in her DIY Custom made backyard with all the necessary equipment for the little ninja.

Gavin McCall made a backyard ninja warrior course for his little princess with some wooden logs and boards at their house in Denver Colorado. Stuffed animals have been placed as audience cheering little Lylah as she makes her way through the difficult tracks with ease. Dad is the commentator in the video that has received huge applause and appreciation from people all around the world.

According to Gavin the day he saw Lylah turning green chairs upside down and climbing them making her way to the other end was the birth of first inspiration to build this course. She used to play in the neighboring play grounds and her favorite activity was climbing over those ‘cement things’ she called them.

Creating a training course for Lylah was so much fun” Said Gavin

Now they have also started GoFundMe campaign where people can send more money for the advanced equipment for Lylah to practice. Her practicing has really built up her confidence and they are looking forward to bigger plans for the coming year.

This energetic little girl can play and practice more if given the chance and opportunity. New techniques will also start generating for the junior ninja equipment.

Gavin has shown the world that a little bruise here and there won’t hurt as much as putting a child’s growth to a halt by unnecessary care and pampering.

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