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9 Rules That Successful People Follow to Meet New People

Everyone who crosses your path may turn out to become a friend, an important partner or ally. We can never know what role the new people will play in our lives. Thus, the team shares with you some rules followed by all who value interpersonal relationships.

Preparing for meetings is critical, whether you’re having them internally or doing a deal with a critical partner, or just meeting someone new. It’s no less important to prepare for the first meeting with anyone.

Stopping human perception is impossible. However, you can be aware of what is happening and strive for ways to undertake a meeting with more control. Here are nine actions that can help you be more successful.

Do a Little Research Before the Meeting

Successfull Meeting Rules

Most new meetings and business meetings are planned and designed. Make an effort prior to the meeting to find out more about your interlocutor, his work experience, hobbies, personal interests. These are things that will have a positive influence on their perception of you, making a more profitable meeting. Successful people do not forget this rule.

Prepare for the Meeting Context

Prepare For The Meeting Context

When you have a first meeting, a negotiation with your new supplier or some interview (regardless of which side you are, whether you’re the employer or candidate), prepare yourself. Think of questions you want to ask and answers to possible questions that people can ask you.

And of course, remember that you see the situation only from your point of view, having a limited notion of the reasons you are being asked those questions. So, the ideal situation would be to think of some development options of the conversation, and always stay flexible to anywhere it might take you.

Remember That Everyone Feels Akward at First

Everyone Feels Akward At First Date

Very few people feel totally at ease talking to strangers, regardless of whether it is a romantic date or a business meeting. All we care about are the impressions that we can cause and fear of losing something important. The other person, though, may also be feeling insecure and uncomfortable.

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If you can stay aware that in front of you is a person like any other, you can put aside your insecurities, leaving only the peaceful interaction in place.

An Open Smile Is a Great Business Card

Open Smile Denotes Confidence

‘Smile!’ when meeting someone new is a well-known old advice. However, not all smiles are the same. A fake smile or one that is too open may scare the other personal. In general, this kind of smile is used by those who want to sell something at any cost.

Let your smile be sincere. Getting to know someone new or starting a new relationship may be important in the future. Be frank, don’t try to hide your true self.

Look Into the Eyes of Your Interlocutor

Look Your Interlocutor In The Eyes

A direct gaze demonstrates sincerity, courage and honesty. The eyes that move sporadically from one side to another or, or from top to bottom, can cause an unpleasant impression. Look your interlocutor in the eye . But it is also important that your look seems quiet, and that it does not seem to play the game “who can stare longer.” Also be careful not to give the impression of wanting to dominate the other person.

Also bear in mind the cultural differences. An exchange of friendly looks can be considered a lack of respect, and even aggression, depending on the country where you’ve grown up. Prior research can help determine the rules that apply the person you will meet. If you do not have the chance or time to learn stuff beforehand, just observe your partner during the conversation. Thus, you will find how to behave.

Greet According to the Other Party Culture

How To Greet In Japaneese

Greetings are very diverse, depending on the region of the world where you are. What is considered normal in one culture may be considered lack of respect for the other. Watch this carefully. Of course, foreign interlocutors know that there is a difference between cultures, but when you greet according to their customs, the chances of the meeting to be fruitful increase a lot. Show respect and sensitivity. This will not go unnoticed by the person with whom you speak.

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Pay Attention to the Objects Around to Find Out About Your Partner

Pay Attention To Objects

If your meeting is in an office, home or other place usually frequented by your partner, observe your surroundings. You can find clues to decipher the person you are meeting. Books and works of art, furniture, small design details and even even photos. Watch them and pay attention. This attitude will help you gain confidence.

Focus on the Other’s Person Interest

Focus On Others Interest

Focus your attention on the details, interests and other person’s facilities. Give her what she really wants. Tactfully show the advantages of what you are exposing. This is not to say you should ignore your own interests, just avoid focusing solely on your own desires and ambitions. Try to understand the motivations of the other party.

Don’t Overstay Your Welcome

Overstay Your Welcome

It is important to end the meeting at the appropriate time. You musn’t be clumsy and think you’re going to talk about the moon and the stars on the first meeting, because it is something understandable. You and your party will wait for the next time you’ll be meeting and will have time to think about all the details.

The first meeting serves to establish a relationship, so do not try to tackle everything at once. Leave a few spaces for the natural progression of the relationship.

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