7 Paradise Islands That You Can Buy

Sometimes I’m just thinking, “I’ll just ditch everything and I’ll move to a deserted island!” and I begin to imagine what it would be like to have my own island paradise: its shores lapped by the waves, the singing of the seagulls, the sun painting the skyline with beautiful colors … it is amazing.

In the modern world, in fact, you can choose an island to your liking based on how fat your bank accounts are. Well, you can’t buy them all, but if you make a fortune, who knows…

I have already started to save money and to play the lottery to try to get my little corner in paradise. After all, it only costs somewhere around $1 million, some of them could be considered quite a bargain.

White Island

Granada, Caribbean

This picturesque desert island is perfect to rest away from bustling cities. The view is so beautiful that leaves you breathless and coral reefs around will not leave any diver indifferent .

Cost: $ 5.5 million

Ballast Key

Florida, USA

For a long time, Ballast Key was considered an excellent getaway for people who seek peace and the rest of the routine. It is located just over 12 kilometers of Key West Bay, has several luxury cabins, including a five bedrooms and its own plant to desalinate seawater. If you ever get to this beautiful place, it is easy to forget the time just watching the tides.

Cost: US $ 15.8 million

Ilha Paloma

Panama, Central America

Despite its diminutive size, the island is perfect to relax away from the busy city: it has all the facilities (such as electricity and water) as well as an impressive exotic part (tropical birds, flowers and fruit trees) and white sand beaches.
Cost: $ 380,000

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Belle Lune

Ontario, Canada

Belle Lune is located in a secluded spot near a national park just 2 hours from Toronto. Outside the windows of the house, there is a beautiful view of a lake.

Cost: $ 1.7 million

Petra Island

New York, United States

This island is located 15 minutes by helicopter from New York and has natural gems – has the shape of heart – with a masterpiece of architecture. The houses here were built according to the design of the famous American architect Frank Lloyd White. For example, one of the lights of buildings placed in a fantastic way through the triangular windows in the roof.

The island has its own airstrip, so if you buy this island, travel time won’t be a problem anymore.

Cost: on request

Little St. George’s Caye

Belize, Central America

Two sandy beaches and unspoiled nature, the crystal clear water, white sand bottom, lush vegetation … this island looks like a paradise on earth and attracts like a magnet.

Two sandy beaches and unspoiled nature, crystal clear water, white sandy bottom, lush vegetation … this island looks like paradise on earth and attracts everyone like a magnet.

Cost: $ 1.6 million.

Buck Island

The British Virgin Islands

This island is known as the most luxurious in the Caribbean. In fact, it has everything for everyone: spectacular cliffs, white sandy beaches, a large house with a wine cellar and gym. It’s a great place to meet new friends.

Cost: on request

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