15 Touching Stories That Made Us Laugh and Cry in 2016

Life is full of wonderful, funny, poignant and sometimes sad events. Wisdom.Ninja is showing you 15 Stories That Made Us Laugh and Cry in 2016.

There are stories to inspire you to do something different or do a huge act of kindness.

1. the House on Fire..

At night, our house caught fire. Fortunately, all my family and my dog managed to escape the flames.

Suddenly, I remembered that the turtle was still in the house.

I was about to go inside when one of my friends told me to stop and pointed towards my dog. We saw that he was holding the turtle in his mouth and that’s how our turtle was rescued.

2. the Act of Giving

Giving Chocolate

Today, I was standing in line at a store. I saw a girl of about nine years asking her mother for chocolate.

After a few “no(s)”, the mother gave up and bought candy for her daughter.

The girl took the chocolate, returned to the queue and handed the candy to a kid who was crying behind me.

The mother asked the girl why she had given the chocolate to another kid. The girl told her that she overheard the child asking his mother for the candy, and his mother told him that they did not have extra money because she was unemployed.

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3. the Groom to Be

The 90 Year Old Groom

A few days ago, a grandpa came to the salon where I work. He was dressed following the fashion of 70s. He was so tidy, I admired him. He asked me to give him a stylish and modern haircut. I did as he asked, and talked a lot during the hair cut session. I realized he was very neat and was very attractive for his age. Moreover, at this age, usually people ask for fast and short hair cuts, not modern or stylish.

After the hair cut he put on his glasses and asked me: “am I looking good”?

The girl who was in the chair beside exclaimed, “Holy ****, you look like a groom.

We all laughed, and he, with an air of offense in his tone replied that he was a groom. A faint smile appeared on our faces: yes, he was a young vovozinho soul; it would be great if all were well.

Meanwhile, the old man, touching his hair and getting up from the chair, said: “Today we are celebrating our golden anniversary.

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4. the Loss..

Two and a half years ago, my mother died. Today, my sister sent me a picture with the phrase, “Remember this?”

It was the picture of gloves my mother was knitting along with my sweater before her death but she could not finish them. The glove had a missing finger

My sister found wool of the same color and finished making that finger. Then she wrote to me: “It’s for you, a mommy Keepsake

I was at work and I could not stop crying when I saw this…

5. Sincere Love

My name is Katya, I’m 25 year old. My son is 8, and is in second grade. He was born when I was 17, and did not have the opportunity to receive a good education.

I am currently working as a consultant in a clothing store and not earning much.

My son is studying in a private school that I manage to pay for, so he is getting good education. At school, they gave him the task of writing about what he loves most.

A student wrote about a turtle; another, a dog; a girl took her tablet and iPhone; and my son … took me as a subject.

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I cried while reading his essay. Although I cannot buy my son all that other parents can, I realized that he did not love me for money.

Yesterday, I realized a dream he had long ago: adopting a dog. I bought one for him; a mutt, but faithful and kind. Furthermore, I gave him a phone that was within my purchasing power.

6. the Strange Neighbor

When I was little, a 50 year-old man used to live on the first floor of our house.

I felt strange about him because he was always wearing a suit and sunglasses, had no wife or children.

We called them Dracula, we used to ring his doorbell and run.

Then I learned that this neighbor had been a spy all his life. I felt very sorry for him, and gave him a present that was most valuable for me: my cat.

He said: “I will take this kitten not to feel alone.”

7. Friends for Life

Boy Girl Friends

My daughter and I were waiting in queue at a shop. She was 3 years old. She was wearing a white coat, a cuddly hat and polka dot boots.

Her eyes were huge, and she looked like a little doll.

Suddenly, I heard a boy of about five years crying behind me, “Mom, I want this girl! I need a girl like her! I cannot live without her!“.

His mother and I nearly died laughing. That was 16 years ago. Well, the two children met and grew up to get married this year.

8. the Mysterious Cleaning Lady

Old Cleaning Lady

At my workplace, the lady in charge of cleaning is a very old lady. She treats everyone like landlord and landlady.

I remarked to my colleague that, despite being three times as old as us, she call us “gentlemen“.

His answer was shocking: “She just knows her place. She takes care of the cleaning, and we are company employees.

I talked to the lady and asked her to call me “you”. I discovered that she lives alone, she has two degrees and studied botany. She works in our company because she thought everyone is “young and beautiful“.

I’m alone, I have no one., it warms my heart to see you’’

She said. I learned that she’d love to have a white Persian cat, but had no money to buy. On her birthday, my husband and I gave her this cat. The 78 year old lady started crying like a child!

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9. Feeding the Toddler

I had urgent matters to resolve, my husband took leave from work and I had to ask my brother to take care of my 5 month old child. I left the food ready and everything he could need.

An hour later, I entered the house quietly to avoid waking up the baby. As I entered i encountered following scenario: my brother 30 years and 100 kilos wrapped in a blanket with tiger print, like a toga, feeding the child. He said he wanted to feel like Madonna.

I now have the reason to joke with him for the next 20 years.

10. the Bathroom Song

Woman Shower

A few days ago, I left work early. On my way to home, I thought, “When I’ll get home, my wife will be surprised! What is she doing right now? Maybe cooking, as she always does at this time. I thought.

As I got home, I went to the hallway and heard a brutal male voice “Du hast”. Enraged, I rushed to the bathroom, I opened the door and saw my … my wife!

Yes, she was singing a version of the song “Du hast“, by the German band Rammstein.

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Yes, she loves to sing with that deep voice while she showers … you cannot imagine the height of relief I felt. I love her!

11. the Awful Parrot

My neighbor had a parrot which was pretty talented. Soon, he learned to imitate the sound of the door bell.

Poor gal had to open the door 20 times a day.

Later, she got a birthday puppy. When the puppy used to hear the real door bell he would start barking. My neighbor was very pleased with her dog.

But the happiness did not last long…

After a few weeks, the parrot started “ringing the bell” and then “barking”.

12. Flowers for the Cow Man

When I was 5, my grandmother took me to see a children’s show. Before the beginning, we bought flowers to give to the artists.

At the end of the show, all the actors left the stage and the children began to hand them flowers.

All characters got the flowers, except the one that was dressed as a cow.

The man who played the cow was in corner, feeling very sorry. So I approached and gave him a bunch of flowers. He was so moved that he took me in his arms, lifted me up and thanked the audience with the flowers!

As if to say: look, I also got flowers, someone likes me!

It was my first feeling of joy for doing something good.

13. Supermarket Needs

My husband and I went to a large supermarket. He needed something specific, he resolved to go through the shelves. Passing through the shelves, I had picked up what he needed, and suddenly I saw my husband with a large cart full of things.

I was surprised.

At his side was an old man shabbily dressed and embarrassed. My husband bought all those things for him, got a taxi for him and returned back to the shop as if nothing had happened.

I asked him why we were being in the shop for so long, and he said he was looking at some tools.

How I love my liar!

14. Cleaning the Dishes

Dirty Dishes

Yesterday, my wife returned from work tired and irritable. She yelled at me for not having washed the dishes and leaving half of them in the window.

It seemed that the discussion was inevitable, but there is a trick.

I wrapped her in blanket, gave her a hot cup of tea and went to wash the dishes. The important thing is to do it quickly and quietly (without saying anything at all).

After ten minutes, she calmed down, relaxed and even apologized for her behavior. This is a huge secret for a perfect relationship. I do not understand why men do not understand this.

15. You’ll Always Find a Way

I met a young man when he was in line to input some papers. We were there for about 5 or 6 hours, and then went out for a walk. We walked until dawn, as if we have known each other since ages, talking about all subjects.

We arrived to my house at 6 am. He asked for my phone number, picked up his phone to write it down, but he was out of battery.

We had no paper or pen. And there was no one who we could ask.

That’s when I realized that there is no “cannot”, only “do not want”. He looked around us and found a piece of iron and coal thrown on the ground. With coal, he wrote my number on the iron, put it over his shoulder and went home, and then wrote down my number on paper.

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